Set default fonts for emails in Outlook for Web

Outlook 365
Currently, Outlook for Web messages text is created in the 12-point black Aptos font. You can use the default font and then apply different fonts, styles, and formatting options for characters, paragraphs, and more in Outlook for Web messages (just as you do in other Microsoft applications, such as Word or PowerPoint):
Examples of fonts in Outlook for Web

Note: You cannot change the font that Outlook uses in information fields, such as those that appear in message headers, contact records, and appointments.

To personalize default email message formatting, do one of the following:

  • Click on the Settings icon in Outlook 365 for Web Settings button in the upper right corner of the page:
    Settings button in Outlook for Web


    Settings button in popup menu Outlook for Web
  • On the View tab, click the Settings button:
    View settings button in Outlook for Web

In the Settings dialog box, on the Mail tab, in the Compose and reply group, under Message format:

Message format in Settings Outlook for Web
  • Type the font name in the Font text box or select it from the Font dropdown list:
    Font in Message format Settings Outlook for Web
  • Type the desired font size in the Size text box or select it from the Size list:
    Font size in Message format Settings Outlook for Web
  • Select the font style by clicking the Bold, Italic, Underline buttons:
    Font style in Message format Settings Outlook for Web
  • Select the Font color from the corresponding drop-down lists:
    Font color in Message format Settings Outlook for Web
  • The Preview area above the font elements displays the simple text in the font you selected.

After choosing the preferred options, click the Save button. For example:

Examples of font settings in Outlook for Web

Restore the original default font style options

Unfortunately, Outlook for Web does not have a button that you can click to return all settings to the defaults. If, for some reason, you want to return to the default settings, you can use the steps above to set the default font, but select the following values:

  • Font: Aptos
  • Size: 12
  • Font color: Black

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