How to add pictures and icons with social links to e-mail signature

Outlook 2016
Outlook signatures appear at the bottom of an email and usually contain the contact information for the recipient to get a hold of the sender easily. If you frequently sign your messages using not only your name but also a piece of extra information such as your job title and contact information, you'll appreciate Outlook's Signature feature.

Also, you can add icons with links to your profiles or personal pages on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites:

Example of Signature with pictures and social links in Outlook 365

The embedded images will be loaded statically into the signature. In addition to directly inserting an image, Outlook allows inserting a linked image, which will be updated when it changes in the source (online).

Add pictures and icons to the signature

To add pictures and icons to the signature, do the following:

   1.   For embedded images, find the icon for each social network profile you want to add to your email signature.

For example:

Facebook Glossy Facebook icon Facebook icon Round Facebook icon Simple Facebook icon
Twitter Glossy Twitter icon Twitter icon Round Twitter icon Simple Twitter icon
LinkedIn Glossy LinkedIn icon LinkedIn icon Round LinkedIn icon Simple LinkedIn icon
Pinterest Glossy Pinterest icon Pinterest icon Round Pinterest icon Simple Pinterest icon

   2.   Open your signature (see How to create a Signature for more details):

E-mail signature in Outlook 365

   3.   Click the Picture icon (Image in E-mail signature Outlook 365).

   4.   In the Insert Picture dialog box:

To add embedded pictures and icons to the signature, select the icon you have chosen in the first step, and then click the Insert button:

Insert Picture into signature in Outlook 365

Repeat that step for each icon that you want to add:

Inserted Picture in signature Outlook 365

To add linked pictures and icons (insert images as links) to the signature:

  • In the File name field, type the link to the image,
  • Click the down arrow on the right of the Insert button, then from the Insert dropdown list, select one of the following options:
    Insert Picture options in Outlook 365
    • Link to File - Outlook creates a virtual link to the inserted image without embedding it. If an image is changed, it is immediately reflected in the elements that use that image.

      Note: If the message recipient has a ban on downloading images, this message will not be displayed:

      Link to File Picture in Outlook 365
    • Insert and Link - Outlook adds a link to the selected image but also inserts a copy of the image so that recipients can still see the image in the document if the original file cannot be found, the recipient does not have needed permissions, has connection problems, and so on:
      Insert and Link Picture in Outlook 365

      Outlook inserts the image from the link and updates it as soon as it changes in the source:

      Inserted Picture in signature Outlook 365

Add the hyperlink to the picture or icon

To add links to your profiles or personal pages on the social media sites, do the following:

   5.   Select one of the added icons and then click the Hyperlink button (Hyperlink in E-mail signature Outlook 2016).

   6.   In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, in the Address text box, type the URL or web address for your Facebook, Twitter, or social media page that corresponds to the icon, then click OK:

Insert Hyperlink dialog box in Outlook 365

Repeat creating hyperlinks for each icon that you have added to the signature:

Example of Signature with pictures and social links in Outlook 365

See also how to open hyperlinks without holding Ctrl in Outlook.

See also this tip in French: Comment ajouter des liens sociaux à votre signature.

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