How to request delivery or read receipt for a message

Outlook 365
If you want to be sure that someone has received your message, you can request a delivery receipt.

That way, when the recipient downloads your message from his or her ISP's e-mail server, you receive a message indicating that your e-mail was delivered. In addition, you can request a read receipt, which notifies you when your message is opened by the recipient.

After you create a new message, completing the To and Subject fields and typing the message text, on the Options tab, in the Tracking group, click the dialog box launcher:

Message Options menu in Outlook 2016

The Message Options dialog box opens.

  -  To request a delivery receipt, click the Request a Delivery Receipt for This Message check box to select it.

  -  To request a read receipt, click the Request a Read Receipt for This Message check box to select it.

Message Options in Outlook 2016

Click the Close button and send the message as usual. When the message is delivered and/or read, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail message.

Note: If you've requested a receipt but don't receive one, it doesn't necessarily mean your message wasn't delivered or read. Some e-mail programs do not send delivery or read receipts.

See also this tip in French: Comment demander un reçu.

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