How to change connector type for flowchart

  • Excel
  • 2016
Most process flow diagrams and workflow charts use elbow connectors for connecting process stages and elements, but too many connecting lines of the same type give your chart a messy look. Fortunately, you can combine different connector types that represent semantically different transitions.

To change the connector type, it is not necessary to make several steps like to change shape (see How to change flowchart shapes in Excel), you just need to:

    1.    Select the connector you want to change:

Flow chart connector for change in Excel 2016

    2.    Right-click in the connector, then in the popup menu, in the Connector Types list, choose connector type:

Connector types popup in Excel 2016

The connector type will be changed:

Changed connector in Excel 2016

See also How to add text to the connector.

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