Useful Excel features to work with a lot of data

Excel 365 2016
If you have a lot of data, manual editing and formatting of cells isn’t an option any more. However, Excel provides you many group operations that make those manipulations quick and easy.

   1.   For better navigation in the workbook with big number of sheets or to highlight some important data, it is possible to create hyperlinks to another cell in the same spreadsheet.

Hyperlinks in Excel 2013

See The best way to organize your workbook using hyperlinks for more details.

   2.   If you need to copy the range with blank cells and paste only non-blank cells, Paste special with Skip blanks doesn’t work as expected and inserts blank and non-blank cells and you need to remove blank cells manually. However, a combination of filtering and copy/paste allows you to handle large ranges of cells effectively.

Filter in Excel 2013

See Copy and paste only nonblank cells for more details.

   3.   For selecting all cells in the sheet, you need just one key stroke or mouse click.

Select all cells in Excel 2013

See Quick way to select all cells for more details.

   4.   Filter, Sort and some other function don’t work well with merged cells and unmerging large ranges of cells can be tedious, but there is a trick to make it easier.

Formula bar in Excel 2013

See Workaround for sorting and filtering of merged cells for more details.

   5.   Viewing the same worksheet in multiple windows arranged horizontally or vertically allows you to review and clean data quickly.

New window in Excel 2013

See Viewing a worksheet in multiple windows for more details.

   6.   You can group and ungroup sheets for fast copy/paste and format changes.

Grouped sheets in Excel 2013

See Grouping and ungrouping sheets for more details.

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