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  • Hiding Pictures

    Hiding Pictures

    Including a large number of in-line pictures in your documents slows down Word's performance. You can improve performance by replacing actual pictures with picture placeholders.
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  • Adjusting Picture Characteristics

    Adjusting Picture Characteristics

    There is no need to use an additional image editing software in order to create high-quality pictures for your document. Instead you can use Microsoft Word picture editing tools to correct and improve your pictures.
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  • Transpose words using the Replace feature

    Transpose words using the Replace feature

    Just as you did in the Find tab, you can use wildcards in the Replace tab. Here's a wildcard trick that uses parentheses and backslash wildcards to transpose words.
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  • Using the Organizational Chart Tool

    Using the Organizational Chart Tool

    In most cases, it is recommended to use Visio to create diagrams, but in some simple cases, such as company organizational charts, you can successfully use the built-in Word tools.
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  • Creating Keyboard Shortcuts

    Creating Keyboard Shortcuts

    If you are the one of those who care about productivity of the work and tend to use keyboard instead of using a mouse to open menus and run commands, you might be interested how to reveal keyboard shortcuts and add more shortcuts to Word.
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  • The Master Document View

    The Master Document View

    Word master document enables you to: cross-reference items among several documents; create indexes, tables of contents, and lists that span several documents; easily assign consistent page numbering, headers, and other formatting across multiple documents; etc.
    A book is ideally suited to the master document feature. Each chapter can be a subdocument, and the elements common to the entire book can be contained in the master document itself.
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  • Viewing document and readability statistics

    Viewing document and readability statistics

    Writing simple and easy to understand documents is a unique ability that lays somewhere between art and science. Microsoft Word can help you to improve you writing skills by providing readability statistic metrics.
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  • Replacing special characters

    Replacing special characters

    In addition to searching for and replacing text, you can search for and replace Word's special characters, such as paragraph and tab marks.
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  • Adding a drop cap

    Adding a drop cap

    Drop Cap is short for dropped initial capital letter. Typically a drop cap is an oversized, single capital letter designed to stick up above a line of text or to stand out in a block of text.
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  • Using wildcards

    Using wildcards

    Word lets you refine your searches using wildcard characters and operators. The question mark and asterisk are wildcard characters that represent characters in the search text.
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