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  • Create a bibliography

    Create a bibliography

    If you use citations in your Word documents, you might need the bibliographic specs for each source that you have referenced.
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  • Displaying Word Count Statistics

    Displaying Word Count Statistics

    Sometimes you need to see a word count statistics without obtaining readability or AutoSummarize information. For example, you might have been given a limit on how many words a document can be for a particular assignment - magazines and newspapers commonly set this type of limit.
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  • How to turn off Start screen

    How to turn off Start screen

    When you first start most of the Office 2016 applications, you'll see a new feature called the Start screen.
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  • How to make lists in arabic to show from right to left

    How to make lists in arabic to show from right to left

    In some cases it is needed to create a multilevel list with different features, for example to show numbers from right to left.
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  • Show or Hide Enhanced ScreenTips

    Show or Hide Enhanced ScreenTips

    By default, Word shows document tooltips (or screentips) when you hover on a button, but this option can be turned off.
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  • Show the Developer tab

    Show the Developer tab

    You should display the Developer tab when you want to write macros, run macros that you previously recorded, or create applications to use with Microsoft Office programs. Do the following:
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  • Choosing Math AutoCorrect Options

    Choosing Math AutoCorrect Options

    The Math AutoCorrect tab of the AutoCorrect dialog box lets you to control whether and where to have AutoCorrect replace math terms with math symbols. If you use math in your documents, Math AutoCorrect can be a great timesaver; if you don't use math, turn it off by clearing the Replace text as you type check box on the Math AutoCorrect tab.
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  • Align text vertically on the page

    Align text vertically on the page

    You can align text between the top and bottom margins of a page if the text on the page does not fill the page. For example, centering text vertically often improves the appearance of short business letters or report cover pages.
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  • Cropping a Picture to a Shape

    Cropping a Picture to a Shape

    It is worth to know that, instead of cropping a picture to a conventional rectangle, you can crop it to a circle, a triangle, an arrow, or even a thought bubble:
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  • Sorting a Table

    Sorting a Table

    If you use tables in Word, sometimes you need sort it by one, two, or three columns.
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