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  • Creating an E-mail Signature

    Creating an E-mail Signature

    If you frequently sign your messages using not only your name, but also additional information such as your job title and contact information, you'll appreciate Outlook's Signature feature. When enabled, it appends text of your choice to the end of every message that create and/or reply to.
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  • Selecting Your Default Stationery

    Selecting Your Default Stationery

    If you like visually appealing message templates called stationaries, you may want to set up Outlook to always use a particular stationery for all new messages.
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  • Message Settings

    Message Settings

    Outlook message window does not show all message fields. There many fields hidden behind the Options button, where you can set message priority, delivery notifications, etc.
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  • Color Coding Messages

    Color Coding Messages

    Usually Outlook users are using folders to organize messages, but you can also use colors. For example, you might apply a special color to all messages from a particular person. You can then see at a glance which messages are from that person.
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  • Requesting a Receipt

    Requesting a Receipt

    If you want to be sure that someone has received your message, you can request a delivery receipt.
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  • Displaying/Hiding the Reading Pane

    Displaying/Hiding the Reading Pane

    You can display or hide a Reading pane that displays the header and partial contents of the selected message.
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  • Adding Comments to Reply or Forward

    Adding Comments to Reply or Forward

    When you answer questions or comment some points of the received message, it helps to include an indicator so that the person reading your message will know exactly what topic you're responding to.
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  • How to add and use voting button in Outlook

    How to add and use voting button in Outlook

    Voting Buttons in Outlook is a useful feature, which can help to collect your colleagues' or friends' decisions with email messages easily. This article is arranged to guide you add and use voting buttons in Microsoft Outlook with ease.
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  • How to turn on or off Mini Toolbar

    How to turn on or off Mini Toolbar

    By default Outlook shows feature called the Mini Toolbar. This feature can be useful, but somebody might want to turn it off. This tip shows how to turn on or turn off this feature.
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  • How to check responses to meeting request

    How to check responses to meeting request

    After creating a meeting request, participants can accept or decline it. It is easy to check their responses.
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