How to create toolbar button for new message template

  • Outlook
  • 2003
  • / 2007
Using templates makes a work in Outlook easy and quickly. How to create a template, see in Using templates to facilitate more versatile E-mail Distribution. This tip is about how to create a toolbar button for creating new message using the template.

To create your own menu, see Creating Your Own Menu.

To create a toolbar button for new message template, follow next steps:

    1.    Choose Tools -> Customize... to open the Customize dialog box.

    2.    In the Commands tab, on the Categories list, choose File and then on the Commands list, choose Mail Message:

New message

    3.    Drag it to the Outlook menu bar. The insertion point appears, showing you where the button will be placed. For example, in New Menu:

New button

    4.    Right-click in the New message button, and do the following:

  • Type a name for the button in the Name field.
  • In the bottom of the popup menu list, choose Assign Hyperlink and then click Open... to open the Assign Hyperlink: Open dialog box:
    Assign Hyperlink

    Use the dialog box tools to navigate to the location where you have saved the template, then click OK.

  • If you want, change the button image using the Change Button Image list:
    New button image

    6.    Click Close to close the Customize dialog box. The new toolbar button appears in the Outlook menu bar.