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Creating AutoCorrect Exceptions

As well as AutoCorrect entries, you can create AutoCorrect exceptions - specific terms when you don't want AutoCorrect to replace text when it normally would.
To create the AutoCorrect exception, follow these steps:

    1.    On the File tab, in the Options:

Options in Office 2013

    2.    Do one of the following:

  • In Excel Options and Word Options dialog box, on the Proofing tab, select the AutoCorrect Options... button:
    Proofing in Office 2013
  • In the Outlook Options dialog box, in the Mail tab, click Editor Options... button:
    Mail Options Outlook 2013

    Then on the Proofing tab of the Editor Options dialog box, select the AutoCorrect Options... button:
    Proofing in Outlook 2013

    3.    In the AutoCorrect dialog box, on the AutoCorrect tab, click the Exceptions... button:

AutoCorrect Exceptions in Office 2013

    4.    In the AutoCorrect Exceptions dialog box:

  • Click the tab for the type of exception you want to work with:
    • First Letter - on this tab, list the terms that end with periods but after which you don't want the next word to start with a capital letter. Office starts you off with a list of built-in terms, such as prof. and vol.:
      First Letter Exceptions in Office 2013
    • INitial CAps - on this tab, list the terms that start with two initial capital letters that you don't want AutoCorrect to reduce to a single capital - for example, AMv3.
    • Other Corrections - this tab appears only in Word and Outlook. On it, list other terms that you don't want AutoCorrect to fix.
  • In Word or Outlook, select the Automatically add words to list check box if you want the program to automatically add exceptions when you undo a correction it has made.

    5.    When you have finished working with exceptions, click the OK button to close the AutoCorrect Exceptions dialog box.

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