How to change default chart

When Excel is installed, the default chart is a 2-D Column chart but you can easily change the default chart type.

To change this, follow next steps:

    1.    Select an existing chart and then on the Design tab, in the Type group, click the Change Chart Type button:

Type in Excel 2016

If you do not have an existing chart in your workbook, click the dialog launcher icon on the Insert tab, in the Charts group:

Charts in Excel 2016

    2.    Select the chart subtype that you want to set like a default chart.

    3.    Right-click on this chart to open popup menu and select Set as Default Chart:

Default Chart in Excel 2016

After you go through this procedure, you can press F11 or Alt+F1 to create the selected chart type instead of the column chart (see Using Shortcut keys to create a Chart). You can define a custom template as the default chart with custom colors, effects, and settings. For more details, see How to change the default colors that excel uses for chart series.