Copy and paste only nonblank cells

Unfortunately, when you try to paste a series of cells with blank cells, Paste special with Skip blanks option doesn't seem to work.

One of the solutions is to use Filter:

    1.    Select of the cells including blank and non-blank cell that you wish to paste.

    2.    On the Home tab, in the Editing group, select Sort & Filter and then choose Filter (or click Ctrl+Shift+L):

Sort & Filter group in Excel 2016

    3.    A drop-down should appear in the first cell of your range.

Filter in Excel 2016

Click on this drop-down.

    4.    De-select the (Blanks) option and then click on the OK button:

Filter in Excel 2016

    5.    You can see now only non-blank cells, select them:

Series without blank cells in Excel 2016

    6.    Now you can copy and paste anywhere the series of cells without blank cells:

Example in Excel 2016