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Skip spelling and grammar check for the selected text

Sometimes you need to skip parts of the document during a spell check. E.g., memos and letters can have headings and address blocks with names and other text that slow down the spell checker. Blocks of programming code or foreign words should not be checked for spelling too.
Also you may need to quote words and phrases with mistakes.

How to Repair a Word Document: Regular and Professional Tools

MS Word, or simply Word, was released back in 1989, and this event can only be compared in significance with the launch of the first space satellite. A convenient text editor freed millions of people from the slavery of the ballpoint pen. We no longer need to teach handwriting or rewrite entire pages due to one small mistake.

The Professional Resume Builder Website

Many people venturing into careers for the first time have been subjected to writing a resume. Employers would like to learn about your educational qualifications before entrusting you with a job position. Therefore, you must have the skills to write a commanding resume and build confidence in your recruiting manager. However, you need some supporting tools to help you craft an exceptional resume.

PhDEssay: Review of Free Essay Stock

College life is full of highs and lows. But when it comes to writing an essay, that’s where the real problem begins. Most students have trouble starting their assignments, let alone complete it.

USA Essay Writing Service PapersOwl: Complete Review

When you are a college student, you have to do loads of work ranging from assignments to lab experiments to projects to research work. The workload gets a lot, and you look for any help that you can get.

Unknown Microsoft Word Instruments for Content Writing

There are two types of people in this world. Those who don't know how to use Microsoft Word and those who think that they know how to use it. Essay writers from Essay Shark state that they use Microsoft Word daily but hardly know more than 10% of this program's features.

How to share the custom dictionary in Word

When you work with some specific task or project, will be great to create a custom dictionary to save exceptional words such as project or task names, terms, abbreviations, names of participates, etc.

How to create a new custom dictionary in Word

When you work with documents, that contain specific words (character sequences), or if you need to switch from one project or task to another, you can want to create a custom dictionary for some tasks, projects, or only for personal use.

How to remove a word from the custom dictionary

When you work with the Word document, you can add some words to the custom dictionary to avoid spelling errors. It is natural to add a word to the dictionary by mistake. So, you can want to remove some word from the dictionary.