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There are two types of people in this world. Those who don't know how to use Microsoft Word and those who think that they know how to use it. Essay writers from Essay Shark state that they use Microsoft Word daily but hardly know more than 10% of this program's features.

We decided to create a guide that will help people all over the world use Microsoft Word more effectively, save their time and efforts with the help of unknown functions and tricks.

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Secrets of Microsoft Word

The functionality of Microsoft Word allows office workers and writers to create documents quicker and more efficiently. Many people use features that we have been taught at school and don't go deeper into discovering the hidden opportunities. Today, we are going to take a closer look at some secrets and tips that will simplify your life while producing content.

Translate on the go

We often face situations when we need to work with texts in foreign languages. The majority of users prefer using various external translation tools. They mainly include Google Translate, DeepL Translate, etc. Somehow, people forgot about Bing Translator from Microsoft and it's so popular anymore. And that's a big mistake. The quality of this service is pretty decent for accomplishing daily operations.

The package of Office tools offers a quick translation with the help of Bing. Give it a try and you might stop clicking on the browser every time, copying and pasting the required piece of text back and forward. You can choose from dozens of languages and three types of translation. You can find it in the Review tab.

Unite parts of the document into blocks

Enormous documents are difficult to navigate and cause lots of troubles while trying to find the necessary part. You just need to learn several key combinations for instant navigation and structure your creation in the right way.

Using various types of headers allows curtailing elements of the document that you are not using at the moment. Place the tracking symbol next to the header, and the program will offer you curtailing the content of the block. This way, you can fit even huge documents in just a couple of pages and find the required information faster.

Repeat the last command

F4 button will repeat the last command you have performed. It's an extremely useful function for formatting a text. Let's imagine that you have spent lots of time to format one paragraph and you need to have the same settings in the next one. F4 can easily help you cope with this task in no time.

Text wrapping without spaces

The program wraps text on a new line automatically. It frequently happens, that the one unnecessary word or phrase wraps on the next line and stands there all alone. To avoid this, you need to place the pointing symbol between the words and press Ctrl+Shift+Space simultaneously.

Protection of the document

It's essential for writers to protect their creations. Some unscrupulous employers send candidates a technical task for a text. Writers work hard on producing it and get a refusal. Later, they find their text being published without permission. They have been sold. A watermark can become a solution. Microsoft Word has a Watermark function in the Design tab. You can choose from four standard templates.

Control a document

The program controls the hyphenation on its own. However, you can create your own templates for documents if you have some typical structure. With the help of the Developer Mode, you can adjust and create a new default construction of a document. The function of the Data Entry Form opens new opportunities! With it, you can build templates setting the replaceable parameters. It's a real time-saver for writing typical letters and documents.

Remove all personal information

This function ensures confidentiality by deleting the metadata Microsoft Word saves automatically. The hidden metadata includes the name of the person who created the document, the data of the creation, previous versions and even usage of Office templates.

Revealing this information can be potentially awkward sometimes. Fortunately, Microsoft suggests an easy way to get rid of these worries.

Click to the Trust Center and go to the Settings of the Trust Center. In the tab of the Confidentiality Settings, you shall see a line saying “Remove personal information from file properties on save”. Sometimes, this feature is unavailable but you just need to turn on the Developer Mode.

According to BBC, Microsoft Word is releasing an AI-based instrument that will help improve the quality of writing. Besides fixing the grammar, a new feature will also offer synonyms and alternatives phrases.

As you can see, Microsoft Office offers writers lots of useful functions. All we need is to use them correctly to boost our results.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask OfficeToolTips team.

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