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Many people venturing into careers for the first time have been subjected to writing a resume. Employers would like to learn about your educational qualifications before entrusting you with a job position. Therefore, you must have the skills to write a commanding resume and build confidence in your recruiting manager. However, you need some supporting tools to help you craft an exceptional resume.
The Professional Resume Builder Website

Microsoft Word has recently launched the Word Resume Assistant, which is a feature where you key in some occupational keywords, and you will be provided with sample resumes. With this feature, you can source resumes format similar to those that CraftResumes offers. However, with CraftResumes, the resumes are more customized to fit the job description. Thus, before deciding on which option to settle for, make sure you test these two support tools and settle for that which suits your preferences.

Word Resume Assistant

Word Resume Assistant

In 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, which is a professional site that connects people in various careers. To help individuals make as many networks as possible, Microsoft developed the Word Resume Assistant in 2018 to be driven by LinkedIn. For those users who wish to access these services, you must have a LinkedIn account and subscribe to Office 365.

Take note that Resume Assistant will not correct or change any features on your resume. You will only get suggestions on how you can make it better. For instance, it helps you access LinkedIn profiles where you can ask other users how they became successful.

In the Resume Assistant column, you will find other useful information. There are more skills suggested for you to acquire if you have an interest. You will also find more articles that have rich information regarding resume writing. A job list related to your field is also provided just in case you want to make an application. Finally, in this section, you will find a link to LinkedIn, which leads you to a section where you can hand in your resume. Apparently, it will be exposed to many employers who will know that you are looking for a particular job.

How to Go About It

First, launch Word and choose an existing resume template. Alternatively, you can simply turn on Resume Assistant in the right sidebar. In case you have a written resume, open it in the Word document.

Click on the Get Started button once you are ready, and LinkedIn will begin to suggest ways on how to structure your experience in your career. On that page, sections of your most recent positions will be auto-filled because LinkedIn holds this information about you. However, you can change this data, depending on the industry that you would love to join.

Under the work experience section, LinkedIn will suggest several skills for you. These terms are used for SEO purposes since your prospective employers will be searching using the keywords to increase the chances of finding you. After this, LinkedIn and Word Resume Assistant will move to guide you on finding suitable jobs and how you can launch your applications.

Make sure you have stated the actual position in your LinkedIn profile because the information will be used by Resume Assistant to suggest jobs around you. On the LinkedIn page, you can explore more job positions by reading a host of information found there. Share as much of your experience as possible to reach more users and potential employers. At the end of the Word Resume Assistant column, you can log into LinkedIn, which leads you to a different page that alerts potential employers to reach you for possible engagement.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Gives users a massive platform of potential employers
  • The process is simple to follow
  • You do not need any form of customer service
  • LinkedIn stores your career information
  • You can build a network beyond your career
  • Subscription fee Office 365 may be a little higher for some customers
  • The service does not write your resume from scratch, only suggests improvement


Unlike Word Resume Assistant, which is simply a feature on the Microsoft Word document, CraftResumes is a company offering resume writing services. Compared to other service providers, CraftResumes has not been around for long, but it provides pretty good services. Besides, it does not give suggestions for improving resumes like Resume Assistant, instead, you will get help from scratch, where you provide your career interests, and the company experts will do everything for you. If you need editing services as well, you simply have to make an order. Apart from resume writing services, CraftResumes deals in career consulting and coaching.

Word Resume Assistant requires that you subscribe to Office 365 and open a LinkedIn account. Meaning you will be charged a small subscription fee of around $30, and you are done. On the other hand, CraftResumes charges you for every single service you request. For instance, there are different packages, depending on the quality of service that you require. They include Career Start, Career Growth and Executive. The charges are $129.99, $299.99 and $439.99, respectively. If you simply need a resume, you can have it at $139. However, the price may vary depending on the conditions.

CraftResumes has a good website with organized blocks of information. As you navigate, you will not encounter any irritating elements. The first page introduces you to the prices charged, giving you a chance to make a quick decision. Customer service has been improved after some reviews indicated that executives in that office were slow.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Affordable prices and high quality
  • Reliable customer support
  • User-friendly website
  • Professional team
  • Prompt delivery of tasks
  • Little flaws on the site interface
  • A low number of services that the service can handle
  • A small number of packages for customers
  • Lack of customer services on weekends


Both CraftResumes and Word Resume Assistant are professional services that will guide you in writing the best resume. Remember that you cannot make it alone, given the critical details that should be included. Both of the services have their advantages and flaws. You can explore each and decide what suits your preferences.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask OfficeToolTips team.