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Picture this scenario: you’ve just finished editing an important piece of writing in a Microsoft Word Document and to make sure that all your work remains safe, you secure the document by encrypting it with a strong password. However, the next time you try to access that doc, you’re immediately faced with a problem—you forgot word document password! What you need in this exasperating situation is a third-party software that can help you in retrieving your forgotten password to Word document.

Allow us to introduce you to PassFab for Word, a professional tool that can help you unlock your word documents without any passwords in no time. In this article, we’re exploring all there is to know about PassFab for Word, how its services work, and what to do if you forgot password to Word doc. So, let’s get right into it.

About PassFab for Word: A Word Password Recovery Master

PassFab for Word is a wordpasswordrecovery programme that is trusted and employed by countless people throughout the globe. This is largely because of the ease with which you can retrieve your Word password. Regardless of the types of characters and symbols it has, this tool can swiftly crack the code and Unprotect your document. Whether it’s .docx or .doc, this Word unlocker can be used for any and every format of Word document there is. It is compatible with all versions of Word, new and old.

PassFab has a clean and user-friendly interface that naturally draws customers in. It also has a low software footprint so it can operate on just about any PC, irrespective of technical specifications. You can also save time in retrieving your wordpassword by utilising the elaborate selections present for customizing the tool. And most importantly, your data will not be erased, corrupted, or altered in the least if you use this programme to get back your forgotten word doc password.

What Can PassFab Word Doc Password Recovery Do?

Now that we’ve covered the basics of PassFab, let’s take a look at what exactly it can do regarding the recovery for Word passwords. The flexible nature of this service means that there are three different attack modes you can choose from to recover your forgotten password word document.

Dictionary Attack

This type of attack attempts to retrieve the password by trying out different password combinations of characters and symbols that are already present in the built-in dictionary.

Brute Force Attack

In this type of attack, PassFab will try out all conceivable character variations within a stipulated range to guess your password on a trial-and-error basis.

Brute-Force with Mask Attack

If you have some idea of what your password might be, you can try brute-force with a mask attack. Similar to brute force attacks, all existing possible combinations of characters are tried. However, since the characters are limited to your knowledge, the attack is more specific.

Customer Reviews

Want greater reassurance that PassFab is the way to go? Let’s hear it from the customers themselves! The following customers who forgot password to Word document gave us five star reviews on Trustpilot and had nothing but good things to say about this product.

Excellent customer service

I contacted the support help desk and Rachel was able to identify my problem within minutes and provided me with the ultimate software.” — Pierre Denizard (

Excellent customer service

Great customer service!! Solved my issue quickly and without any hassle. Thanks PassFab!” — Dona (

Excellent customer service 2

Functional and easy to use

I literally know nothing about computers or cellphones and this made it really simple for me. PassFab it's really self explanatory. I will recommend it without any doubts.” — Oscar Cantu (

Functional and easy to use

Worth the investment

Excellent piece of software, price good, compared to the cost of losing data forever.” — James Anderson (

Worth the investment

How PassFab for Word Recovery Works

Recover Word Open Password

   1.   First, launch PassFab for Word. Select “Recover Word Open Password” from the options available to you.

Recover Word Open Password

   2.   Click “Add” to upload a password-protected Word document.

Add Recover Word Open Password

   3.   Choose one of the three attack modes stated on screen.

Recover Word Open Password 3
Recover Word Open Password 4

   4.   You can also add in your own dictionary by clicking the “Settings” button.

Settings Recover Word Open Password

   5.   If you use a Mask Attack, you’ll need to fill on the criteria mentioned in the following screenshot.

Mask Attack Recover Word Open Password

   6.   Once you’ve chosen your attack mode, click the “Start” button.

Start Recover Word Open Password

   7.   And there you have it! Your password has been found.

Remove Word Editing Restrictions

So we’ve already established how to utilize PassFab to recover passwords for a Word document that you can edit, copy, and paste elsewhere. Let’s now take a look at how to alter the read-only status of the document in a few simple steps.

   1.   Launch PassFab for Word. Click on “Remove Word Restrict Editing”.

Remove Word Restrict Editing

   2.   After you've imported the Word file, press the "Remove" button.

Remove Word Restrict Editing 2

   3.   Your Word Restrict Editing has been successfully removed from your file. To locate the file, select “Open Folder.”

Remove Word Restrict Editing 3


If you’re discouraged by the limited functionality of the free version of PassFab, there’s no need to fret! One of the best features of this service is that it is economically priced so it is $15.95/month. As our customers readily acknowledge, the product provides you with more bang for your buck and is, hence, definitely a worthwhile investment.

A Final Word

PassFab for Word, Word password recovery master, is the ultimate tool that you can use if you forgot word doc password. As we’ve already discussed, the uniqueness of this programme lies in both its simplicity and functionality. With the information that we’ve shared with you today, your online ventures with Microsoft Word are bound to become much easier. Make sure that you make your PassFab for Word Purchase so that if you ever run into the problem of forgetting your passwords, you have a quick and easy way out.

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