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Writing assignments are an integral part of any academic program. However, many students find the instruction they get from their teachers and professors to be insufficient to learn how to write their papers successfully. If you find yourself in such a predicament, usually the only thing you can do is look for a reliable essay writing service – and DoMyPapers is exactly such a service. Is it worth it? Should you resort to its help? Let’s take a closer look.

Quality of Writing

The first thing a student looks for in a paper writing service is high-quality writing. Cheap essays aren’t of much use if they are too poorly written to be used as intended. In this respect, DoMyPapers has nothing to be ashamed of. According to the company website, they carefully screen applicants for writing positions and only hire those who have trustworthy academic credentials and experience in the industry. And it shows: when you place an order for, e.g., a college-level term paper, this is exactly what you get. The quality of your paper will meet the requirements of the specified academic level, and it will be written strictly according to your instructions.

Pricing Policy

The prices of DoMyPapers services are about at the industry’s average. You don’t get the feeling that you pay too much for their writing, but it does not feel suspiciously cheap either. In other words, writing assistance here costs about as much as you can expect. However, the price of your paper depends on a variety of factors, including the degree of urgency, academic level, writer’s qualifications and a number of additional options you can choose to customize your order. This means that you control how much you will pay to a significant degree. For example, if you are ready to pay extra for better quality, you can specify that you want one of the service’s top-10 writers to work on your order.

DoMyPapers format and features

Additional Options

When placing an order, you can choose a number of additional options to customize it to your liking. Some of these options are as follows:

  • If it is not the first time you deal with DoMyPapers, you can ask the manager to assign a writer who worked on one of your previous orders to your current job;
  • If you want to be sure of the qualifications of the writer assigned to your order, you can ask for a set of random samples of his/her writing;
  • If your order is sufficiently large, you can choose Progressive Delivery. In this case, you will pay for it in installments and receive it in the same fashion. The writer will send you newly written sections of the paper as soon as he/she finishes them. This way, you can see how the paper progresses and, if necessary, give the writer additional instructions without waiting for the entire paper to be done;
  • For an increase in price, you can ask for either a top-10 writer or a native speaker to work on your paper. Otherwise, the company will look through its database of writers and choose the one who has the best combination of background, specialization, education and prior experience to write your assignment. As a rule, they make reasonably good choices, although you may want to pay closer attention to the writer assigned to your order in case of more important jobs.

Customer Support

You can find most of the information about the service and the way it works on its website; however, if you have questions that are not covered in the FAQ section, or run into an issue that requires human involvement, you can contact customer support using one of the methods listed on the relevant page. Customer support works around the clock, seven days a week. Whenever you contact the company, you can generally expect someone to answer your question in a few minutes. The members of the team are, as a rule, well informed and communicate in good English. If you run into trouble when using the service’s order form, you can place an order directly via customer support – simply contact them and say, “Excuse me, can you find somebody to help me do my essay, I need assistance with my project urgently”. The support team member will then lead you through the process, asking all the necessary questions and clarifying all the details.

DoMyPapers Guarantees


When you use a writing service, it is only natural to ask for some sort of guarantee before you entrust your assignment to this or that company. DoMyPapers makes it clear that it is confident in the abilities of its writers, guaranteeing that any paper you buy from them contains zero plagiarism and is going to be delivered on time. According to the company’s website, every paper they produce is carefully checked for copy/paste using in-house software before they send it to the client. They also encourage customers to run their own plagiarism checks using software of their choice, in case they have any doubts.

The company maintains a money-back policy covering a variety of eventualities (you can find out more on the relevant page of the service’s website). If you do not receive your assignment on time or are dissatisfied with its quality, you can ask for a full or partial refund, depending on the situation.


All in all, DoMyPapers is a viable choice when you need writing services. When you place an order, they usually get back to you quickly and manage to find a writer with relevant qualifications and credentials to work on an assignment of the required size and degree of complexity. You may want to place an order early on, though, because the less time you give DoMyPapers, the more expensive your paper is going to be. There is also always a chance that they will not be able to find you a suitable writer at short notice.

As a whole, DoMyPapers offers a good combination of speed, quality, versatility and price. You can use it for the majority of your writing needs without worrying about results.

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