A Review of the Best Essay Writing Services for College Students

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The worry of keeping up your grades while also participating in other activities and not leaving the fun out of it is a stress that keeps every college student on their toes, and you may not be excluded. Essays, of course, are essential to contributing to the overall academic life. However, much essays contribute to college grades, it is one part most student’s dread.

Essays are dreaded not just because many students cannot write. One of the most significant downsides of essay writing is that it takes much of the already unavailable time. From research to writing, editing and proofreading, writing essays sure are a lot of work which also consumes the time you may use for several other things.

However, if you are one of the majorities who cannot write an essay themselves due to the above or any other reason, you have no cause for alarm. The internet is your magic wand with every solution in a click. Do you think I am telling you to plagiarize an essay from the internet? Of course not! That is not an offence that can get you severely punished by your college; it's also a crime.

Instead, professional essay writers are your fairy godmothers available on the internet. These godparents are ready to grant your every essay-related wish, from researching your topics from scratch to developing original content, paying detailed attention to spelling and grammar, as well as editing and proofreading your essays. And voila! Your original essay to get you good grades in school is here, and you can move on with your life.

The Best Essay Writing Services for College Students

What You Should Look for When Buying Essays Online

And here comes the warning bell! As much as you may want to regard professional essay writers as your fairy godmothers, you may want to know that just going online and contracting your essay to another person is not a good enough idea. Therefore, searching for companies with great profiles to give you quality content for the best amount of money right on time must be prioritized.

Below are some crucial points to consider before choosing to patronize an essay writing service.

Qualification of Writers

The qualification of the person who writes your essay for you has to be well considered. Of course, you don't want to be a college student with your essay sounding like a grade-schooler wrote it.

While many writing platforms boat writers with qualifications like M.Sc. and Ph.D., some still deliver poorly written essays. Some even contract your papers out to regular freelancers who are not experts in essay writing and your field of interest.

Also, there are instances of writing services delivering sub-par essays to clients. Look for a service with highly qualified writers as they would cater for all the issues from researching, writing, proofreading to editing. You have to strive to entrust your essays to people who are versed in essay writing and your field of study.

Delivery Time

The daily increase in the competition in the essay writing field has led to companies offering various juicy features to prospective clients to edge out over others. Features like a money-return guarantee if the client is unsatisfied, 24-hour live customer support and delivery time from 3-6 hours are ones you will see companies offering.

The concern now is whether they can deliver all promised and not leave you and your grades in jeopardy by making you miss your essay deadline. You may want to do some investigative works to ensure that the platform you are about to do business with is known for sticking to time, as some are notorious for missing deadlines.

Customers Support

Excellent communication skill is one of the factors recommended by the betterwritingservices review site when reviewing essay writing companies. Direct access to the company working on your essay is crucial.

Finding a company with different ways of communication available, especially those who allow direct contact with the writer working on your paper, will save you some time and frayed nerves later.


To cap it all, please read reviews. The easiest way to know what to expect from a company is to read what others have to say about them. And trust me, learning from other people's experiences saves you a lot of making your own experience something to learn from.

Simply relying on the review on the company's website may not always work, though, as the company might have found ways around those reviews. So instead, visit third-party websites and read unbiased opinions of people who have used the company's services in the past.

According to LegitWritingServices, Reddit is one of the best platforms for authentic reviews on essay writing platforms. Do this before entrusting your valuable marks to a company that is not trustable.

Best Writing Services and Reviews

Best Writing Services and Reviews

At the same time, it would be necessary to introduce which writing services are best and what makes them unique. Hence, we will be providing a review on some of the best writing services available, their pros and cons.


Gaining reputation among college students for their speed in delivering, you can get a paper delivered with PaperHelp in as little as three hours. That, of course, doesn't reduce the quality of their job. So, trust them to have your paper up to expectation.

Their reputation continues to increase due to the quality of the work delivered, excellent customer support team, and of course, the speed with which they deliver jobs. However, the most off-putting is that the company's advertisement techniques can be somewhat aggressive.


As one of the most popular writing services among students and on the internet, 99Papers is a platform enjoyed by many because of its strict adherence to time, excellent customer support, and, most importantly, less-than-average pricing. You can order a paper from them for as low as $8.97. The major con of this service has to pay more if you want your essay written by native English speakers.


While focusing on essay writing as its leading service, Pendrago has taken a step forward from other writing services earlier mentioned by including additional services on their website. For example, rather than capitalize on other similar services such as editing and proofreading, pendrago.com overview reveals that the platform also helps students with different arithmetic problems in their academic study.


Need someone to write your thesis and dissertation for you? MyAdmissionEssay is the best door to knock on. Having some of the best writers among professional writing companies, all their writers hold degrees in their specialized fields and have excellent writing skills to back them up.

No matter the volume of your work, A-Writer will check it against plagiarism and ensure that it is 100% original. The only thing that calls for reconsideration before hiring them is that their prices can be unaffordable to some students.


Now that you know one of the best places to go when you need good writers as a college student, don't forget to apply all of the things you learned in this post while hiring for a writing service.

Check the qualifications of the company's writers, the customer support team's efficiency, and reviews that seem reliable. We hope these reviews guide you in making the best decisions for your essays and your grades.

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