5 Best Writing Tools to Create Engaging Social Media Posts

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Nobody is immune to social media anymore, not even the ordinary people who do not use Instagram to promote their business or products. Our lives revolve around our selfies or Instagram stories while we sell the image of ourselves to our friends and the general public.

It seems that knowing how to improve posts on social media is very important for making the right impression, and it is not all about enhancing your photos with Photoshop. Writing skills can come in handy when posting on different social media accounts, especially Twitter or Facebook. Luckily, there are a few apps for writing that can help anyone improve their vocabulary, grammar, and overall writing style when posting their opinions online for everyone to see.

EduBirdie Tools

EduBirdie Tools

All people who use this website probably wonder how they write anything before it came out a couple of years ago. It revolutionized writing tools, and it is known for its simplicity and easy use. Your posts can become concise and grammatically bulletproof in a matter of minutes, and all these features come for free as you can check your posts for plagiarism or generate a reference list if needed within minutes. Additionally, for a fee you can have your writing taken care of by professionals in the required field, whether it’d be from scratch or only editing and taking care of your sentence structure and writing style.

This website is most popular among college students who use it for their school assignments or essay papers. It comes in handy not only as a grammar checker but as a writing service that offers expert assignment help. Basically, each student can pay for an essay if they have a tight schedule, and are unable to write one on their own. Sometimes, this is the best solution, as online experts will not only deliver a great essay but will make it plagiarism-free, proofread, and engaging for all readers.


When it first came out, this app made us rethink the way we edit and present our written works. It doesn’t only correct punctuation or spelling, but it also gives each student suggestions on how to make better delivery with his sentences. The option everyone likes the best is the mood indicator that shows what impression your text leaves on general readers. Everyone who tries to increase engagement on social media should try using this handy tool. It comes with several options, but even the free one offers incredible value for its users.

EduBirdie Tools 2


This is a tool to have for writing better posts, especially for those who engage their followers every day. It offers a unique service by accessing the readability of your sentences. Basically, it shows the education level of those who will find your comments worth reading. This handy feature is often overlooked by most writing tools, but Hemingway focuses on this feature by highlighting hard-written sentences or idioms. It is definitely a tool every student involved with social media should have in his writing toolbox.

Paper Fellows

What makes this tool different from others is that it provides an opportunity for writers to engage a community of like-minded individuals. It is perfect for writing on social media because people share ideas and feedback from their followers thus constantly improving their delivery. This is the equivalent of getting a free lesson in engaging your target audience. Among all apps for writing, this one is the only one that recognizes this need for understanding reader's preferences first hand.


Writing dozens of smaller posts on social media takes time, and Ginger aims at providing fast feedback by rewriting your sentences as you write them. It takes some time getting used to it, but it is perfect for those who regularly post their opinions on Twitter or Instagram. Reaching a worldwide audience won’t be a problem as this tool can translate to more than fifty languages. Ginger is fit for both casual and academic use plus it allows authors to hear what they have written which is also a cool and handy feature.

Each one of these apps will surely make your posts look more professional and engaging for readers so do not be shy to try them all. Making people care about your opinion requires writing better posts that will resonate with them and make them understand you clearly. One can take a creative writing course or an English grammar class to improve his skills, but today it is much cheaper and less time-consuming to use an app or an online tool. There are so many of these apps and most of them are free plus they provide a lot of value to their users. After a while, your skills will improve to a point where you won’t even need them anymore to write a compelling post, so try them for free and become a skilled scribe who knows how to express himself loud and clear.

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