Formula in Word 2013 2010 2007 2003

How to create captions for equations

When you add formulas to your document, it may need to add captions - auto numbered on the same line as equation right justified. It is easy to add captions for equation:

Functions and formulas that you can use in a Word document

Word provides some simple formulas and functions without need to embed Excel tables. It is easy to insert and use formulas:

How to reference a cell of a Word table

If you have a table in the Word document, you can insert some formulas and functions in it without using an Excel table. It is easy and fast to insert a formula to the Word table that use the values of some table cells.

How to calculate formulas in a Word document

In some Word documents you need to use formulas, such as summing, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing certain values:

How to add, subtract, multiply and divide cells in a Word table

When working with a Word document, sometimes you need to create a table with simple formulas, such as summation, subtraction, multiplication, or division.