11 Shortcut Keys to control font format

Word 365 2016 2013 2007 2003
This tip contains Shortcut Keys for formatting.
Shortcut Keys to control font format in Word 2010

Shortcut Keys for Locating Character Formats

Shift+F3 - Change the case of letters
Ctrl+Shift+A - Format letters as all capitals
Ctrl+Shift+K - Format letters as small capitals
Ctrl+B - Apply bold formatting
Ctrl+I - Apply italic formatting
Ctrl+U - Apply an underline
Ctrl+= - Apply subscript formatting
Ctrl+Shift++ - Apply superscript formatting
Ctrl+Shift+W - Word underline
Ctrl+Shift+D - Double-underline text
Ctrl+Shift+H - Apply hidden text formatting
Ctrl+spacebar - Remove character formatting

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