Using manual hyphenation

With manual hyphenation, you have more control over what is hyphenated and how it is hyphenated. You can select which parts of the document are hyphenated and where a hyphen appears in specific words. This is a huge hassle for a large document, but it does allow you to do a better job than Word might do automatically - Word sometimes hyphenates words in positions that don't look good.

To select manual hyphenation, follow these steps:

    1.    Select the text you want to hyphenate manually. If you want to hyphenate manually the entire document, don't select anything.

    2.    On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Hyphenation:

Hyphenation in Word 2007

    3.    Click the Manual button:

Manual hyphenation in Word 2007

    4.    Word immediately begins scanning the selection or the document for words to be hyphenated. When such a word is located, Word displays the Manual Hyphenation dialog box.

Manual hyphenation example in Word 2007

    5.    To hyphenate the word at a point other than that suggested in the Hyphenate At box, click where you want the hyphen to appear.

    6.    To accept the suggestion, click Yes.

    7.    To skip the word and move on, click No.

    8.    To stop the manual hyphenation, click Cancel.

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