Using document merge to simplify routine work

If you want to send several letters with the same text, but with different attributes (e.g., names of recipients and their addresses), you can merge a document with a database (e.g., a table of Excel).

To merge a document with an Excel table, do the following:

    1.    Open the document, in which you want to insert different attributes.

    2.    On the Mailings tab, in the Start Mail Merge group, select Start Mail Merge and then choose Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard...:

Start Mail Merge in Word 2007

    3.    In the Mail Merge pane, choose the document type and then click Next.

Mail Merge in Word 2007

    4.    Select the starting document type and then click Next.

Mail Merge 2 in Word 2007

    5.    In the Step 3 of Mail Merge Wizard:

    5.1.    Select recipients, for example, from existing list, then click Browse... to open the file:

Mail Merge 3 in Word 2007

    5.2.    In the Select Data Source dialog box, choose the file which contain data and click Open.

    5.3.    In the Select Table dialog box, select the table by double-click in it or by highlighting it and clicking OK:

Select Table in Word 2007

    5.4.    In the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, click OK to merge table:

Mail Merge Recepients in Word 2007

    5.5.    Click Next in the Step 3 of Mail Merge pane.

    6.    In the Step 4 of Mail Merge Wizard:

Mail Merge 4 in Word 2007

    6.1.    Select Address block... to open the Insert Address Block dialog box:

Insert Address Block in Word 2007

Using checkboxes and radio buttons, choose how you want to see an address block and click the Match Fields....

Match Fields in Word 2007

Change the match fields, if necessary, and then click OK twice.

    6.2.    Select More items... to open the Insert Merge Field dialog box:

Insert Merge Field in Word 2007

Select which field you want to insert and click Insert.

    7.    After you click Next, you can see the merge data: to open the Insert Merge Field dialog box:

Merge Data in Word 2007

Here you can watch and, if it is necessary, change any information.

    8.    In Step 6 of Mail Marge, you can print or edit individual letters:

Mail Merge 6 in Word 2007

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