Adjusting picture characteristics

Word 365 2016 2013 2010 2003
There are few ways to modify picture settings.

Select the Format Picture from popup menu:

Format picture in popup menu Word 2007

In the Format Picture dialog box click the Picture tab.

Format Picture in Word 2007
  • Color If Automatic is selected, the image is displayed using all the available information for that image.a color image will appear in color, for instance. Choose
    • Grayscale to remove colors, leaving black, white, and gray;
    • Black and White to remove all colors and gray;
    • Washout to create a very light gray image that might be suitable for a watermark-text can sit on it and still be read.
  • Brightness You can adjust the brightness of the image using these controls; either drag the slider bar, or enter a value into the text box.
  • Contrast Use these controls to adjust contrast.
  • Compress Click this button to reduce the document's file size by compressing the images. This component is discussed following this list.
  • Reset Click this button to set the image color, brightness, and contrast back to the original settings.

Click the Compress button to open the Compress Pictures dialog box:

Compress Picture in Word 2007
  • Apply To Select whether you want to compress or modify Selected Pictures or All the Pictures in Document.
  • Change Resolution: Web/Screen This converts the image to a 96-dpi (dots per inch) resolution, an image suitable for the Web or viewing on a screen, but not really good enough for printing.
  • Change Resolution: Print This converts the image to a print image, 200 dpi.
  • Change Resolution: No Change This tells Word not to change the image from its current state.
  • Compress Pictures If this is checked, Word will attempt to compress the image to reduce the file size.
  • Delete Cropped Areas of Pictures Another way to reduce file space is to remove the areas of images that you have cropped out. You learned that cropping images only changes what is displayed on-screen, that the cropped portions can be retrieved. This check box determines that cropped areas cannot be retrieved.

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