Shortcut keys for inserting symbols and templates into the equation

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In Word 2003 equations many mathematical symbols and templates can be inserted using the combination of Ctrl+K followed by key pressing (how to insert Greek symbols, see Shortcut keys for inserting Greek symbols into the equation):

To insert some symbols, you can press Ctrl+K, in the status bar of the Equation Editor dialog box you can see Symbol and than type next key:


Infinity    I - Infinity

Arrow  A - Arrow

Derivative    D - Derivative (partial)

Less than or equal to    < - Less than or equal to

Greater than or equal to    > - Greater than or equal to

Times    T - Times

Element of    E - Element of

Not an element of    Shift+E - Not an element of

Contained in   C - Contained in

Not contained in   Shift+C - Not contained in

Inserting templates in an equation using keys

Templates can be inserted using a Ctrl+character combination or a Ctrl+T, character sequence.

Note: Some key combinations are not available with Windows NT.

Parentheses   Ctrl+9 or Ctrl+0 - Parentheses

Brackets   Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+] - Brackets

Braces   Ctrl+{ or Ctrl+} - Braces

Fraction    Ctrl+F - Fraction

Slash fraction   Ctrl+/ - Slash fraction

Superscript    Ctrl+H - Superscript (high)

Subscript    Ctrl+L - Subscript (low)

Joint sub/superscript    Ctrl+J - Joint sub/superscript

Integral    Ctrl+I - Integral

Absolute value    Ctrl+T - Absolute value

Root   Ctrl+R - Root

nth root   Ctrl+T, N - nth root

Summation   Ctrl+T, S - Summation

Product   Ctrl+T, P - Product

Matrix template 3X3    Ctrl+T, M - Matrix template 3X3

Underscript    Ctrl+T, U - Underscript (limit)

All of these symbols are characters from the Symbol font, so they can also be inserted by using their Alt key character codes.

Applying embellishments in an equation using keys

You can attach an embellishment to the selected character to the left of the insertion point with keyboard shortcuts.

Overbar   Ctrl+Shift+Hyphen - Overbar

Tilde   Ctrl+Shift+~ - Tilde

Arrow (vector)   Ctrl+Alt+Hyphen - Arrow (vector)

Single prime  Ctrl+Alt+' - Single prime

Double prime  Ctrl+Shift+" - Double prime

Single dot   Ctrl+Alt+Period - Single dot

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