Modifying an Organizational Chart

How to create an organizational chart in Microsoft Word 2003 see Using the Organizational Chart Tool. This tip is about how to change or modify an organizational chart in Word.

Click the organizational chart that you want to modify. Word opens the Organization Chart toolbar:

Organizational chart in Word 2003

To change the handing layout of you organizational chart, in the Organization Chart toolbar, click the AutoFormat button Organizational chart AutoFormat in Word 2003 and select from the AutoFormat dialog box:

Organizational chart AutoFormat dialog box in Word 2003

To change the object's wrapping style, click the Text Wrapping button Wrapping in Word 2003 and select from the menu:

Wrapping list in Word 2003

To change connecting-line colors, choose Select -> All Connecting Lines from the toolbar; then choose Format -> AutoShape from Word's menu bar and pick a color.


To change fill colors, size, select the boxes you want to modify, and then choose Format -> AutoShape to open Format AutoShape dialog box:

Format AutoShape in Word 2003

Note: To select multiple lines and boxes, use the Select menu on the toolbar.

To add a shape to your organizational chart, see Adding shapes into an Organizational chart.

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