Create a Bibliography, References, or Work Cited

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If you use citations in your Word documents, you might need the bibliographic specs for each source that you have referenced.

The first step in creating a table of authorities is to mark your citations. (How to create citations, see How to create a citation).

To create a bibliography (in Word 2003 - Table of Authorities), follow next steps:

   1.   Select Insert -> Reference -> Index and Tables... to open the Index and Tables dialog box and click the Table of Authorities tab:

Table of Authorities in Word 2003

   2.   Select the category of citations that you want to compile from the Category list box. The default selection is All.

  • Check the Use passim check box if you want Word to use the term passim in place of page numbers for each citation that is referred to on more than five different pages.
  • Check the Keep original formatting check box to retain any character formatting that you applied to the citation in the document.
  • Select the tab leader that you want to use in the Tab leader list box.
  • Choose the format in the Formats list box:
    Formats in Word 2003

When Word compiles the table of authorities, it creates a separate section for each category. It also arranges the citations alphabetically within their sections:

Table of Authorities in Word 2003

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