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Making a stellar presentation can sometimes exhaust the "creative genius" in you. As a professional, you should focus on fine-tuning and making the presentation’s content impactful while not breaking a sweat on design and aesthetics.
SlideUpLift saves all your efforts by bringing in the best-in-class Powerpoint and Google Slides presentation templates.

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SlideUpLift Templates

About SlideUpLift

SlideUpLift is an online platform helping professionals make compelling presentations using the principles of vision science and storytelling. They undoubtedly have one of the largest collections of PowerPoint & Google slides presentation templates that help you build compelling presentations and unfold the spectacular potential of your content.

SlideUpLift knows organizing structured information for a presentation needs more than just a list of key features and bullet points. And while other business professionals struggle through meetings through monotonous and conventional presentations, you can add inventiveness, ingenuity, and distinction to your Presentation’s design with their templates.

SlideUpLift saves you hours of working on your presentation’s design browsing through hundreds of PDFs, documents, frameworks, and personal blogs. No one template suits all purposes. A wide library of visually stunning PowerPoint templates give you the flexibility of showing your content in many different ways. All these decks and templates are carefully drafted, fully editable, and visually engaging.

The goal is to make your presentations stand apart and skyrocket your performance whether it is related to your project management, planning, sales, finance, marketing, or anything else in this regard.

Access To Professional Designers And Storytellers

SlideUpLift serves a wide-ranging user base including business professionals, project managers, executives, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who uses presentations effectively in meeting rooms. These users enjoy high-quality PowerPoint & Google Slides templates that help businesses adopt the best practices and resources that shape up all stages of the project management cycle. For any manager, having a well-designed repository of pre-designed presentation decks and themes in their arsenal makes absolute sense. It allows them to focus on their content rather than worry about the aesthetics of a presentation, leading to a guaranteed spike in productivity. Business Professionals also find additional well-researched and formulated frameworks to help them achieve personal and organizational effectiveness. These resources include 30 60 90 Day Planning for new project managers, RASCI Charts, personal SWOT, RISK meters, prioritization matrix, etc.

All you need to do is explore and search through the variety of creative categories and pick a deck that best fits your needs. Dress your numbers and data with appealing graphs, charts, infographics, and leave a promising impression for your audience.

Services Rendered

Templates and Design:

SlideUpLift offers premium designed PowerPoint and Google slides templates for your presentation which is a key feature that determines the first and final look of your content.

The company provides a wide collection of business-ready, easily editable, and visually attractive templates that suit the needs of every business professional. Their PowerPoint & Google Slides templates range from Executive Summary, Timelines & Planning to Strategy, Roadmap templates, Change Management, SWOT Analysis, 30 60 90 Day Plans, and many more. These involve-

Executive Summary Templates - You can find over 100+ executive summary templates and choose the best ones that suit your needs. These effective and well-polished summary templates can be a remarkable addition to your next professional meeting.

Well-polished summary templates

SWOT Analysis - Another category of templates that drew our attention is SWOT Analysis, to showcase your business analysis and Personal SWOT. You can select from personalized animations and other designs to create impactful SWOT presentations.

Impactful SWOT presentations

Case Study Templates - SlideUpLift provides a comprehensive and unique variety of case study templates that help in presenting client relationships, business, marketing success stories, etc. These also offer engaging animations for making dynamic case study presentations.

Dynamic case study presentations

30 60 90 day Plan - These templates are often used to showcase your 30 60 90 day plans. As a new and upcoming manager, you can easily map out your priorities and individual goals accurately and precisely into 30 60 90 sales plans, 30 60 90 business plans, 30 60 90 day plan for the interview, 30 60 90 day marketing plan, etc.

30 60 90 day plans

PowerPoint Themes:

Presentation themes are pre-designed, expertly crafted, content-rich presentation decks that industry experts curate. Think of these as a collection of slide templates designed to address a particular situation. Examples of these situations include Quarterly Business Reviews, a business proposal discussion, Project Kick-Off, a Business Case meeting, etc., amongst a large variety of situations professionals routinely face. SlideUpLift’s presentation themes provide a whole presentation to cover the range of topics that should be covered for these situations.

PowerPoint Themes

Graphics, Shapes, and Charts:

Well, we are aware that a lot of you must be already applying charts, bar graphs, and pie charts, etc. to effectively convey and analyze data. Frankly, nowadays every other Business professional and entrepreneur keeps such old data visualization tricks up their sleeves. But to create an etching and jaw-dropping impact you need to master these new-age data visualization tools with SlideUpLift’s wide-ranging graphics, shapes, and charts.

Graphics, Shapes, and Charts

PowerPoint add-in:

As if all of this was not enough, SlideUpLift also provides a unique feature of PowerPoint add-in which allows you to effortlessly integrate the templates with PowerPoint such that users can explore and implement their favorite templates directly from PowerPoint. This feature is available with any membership plan you purchase.


SlideUpLift is a complete package that should be a part of everyone’s professional suite to execute captivating presentations and meetings. Keeping this in mind, SlideUpLift empowers you with Pocket- Friendly templates starting at just $3.49, cheaper than most other template providers in the market. The membership model also allows all of its best-in-class templates and decks all under one roof.

SlideUpLift also flaunts off being the only platform in the market providing customers with an add-to-cart feature that enables them to buy individual PowerPoint templates. This is a major upper hand in the industry as this provides customers to try out their services by purchasing individual templates before you decide to get on the bandwagon for a membership plan later.

Customer Service

At SlideUpLift, customers are assured of great customer service since their team works 24/7 to solve all queries. Be it a simple download issue or making personalized changes in your favorite template, SlideUpLift’s team goes the extra mile for you.


The SlideUpLift team surely works tirelessly to help your audience get a whole new perspective on how data is backed by principles of vision science and storytelling.

All in all, SlideUpLift puts on an extensive cluster of customizable PowerPoint and Google Slides templates for business professionals. It definitely ranks as one of the best platforms for anyone who wants to impress with their spellbinding presentations.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask OfficeToolTips team.

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