How to work with hidden sides

  • PowerPoint
  • 2016
Sometimes you have no time to finish the slide or find at the last moment that it isn’t important for this presentation. In this occasion, you can save you presentation to a different file, delete the slide and use the backup file later. However, you will not have there all notes, highlights and drawings that you will do during the presentation. Instead you can hide the slide and have all the information in one place.

To make slide hidden, in the slide thumbnails, right-click on the slide and choose Hide Slide in the popup menu:

Hide popup menu in PowerPoint 2016

The slide will look hidden:

Hidden slide in PowerPoint 2016

Note: If you use the slide numbers, be careful – for PowerPoint it is still a slide and you will see the third slide with number 3, not 2, if the second slide is hidden. It is recommended to put all your hidden slides to the end of your presentation.

To unhide the hidden slide, just right-click in it and click on Hide Slide in the popup menu:

Unhide popup menu in PowerPoint 2016

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