7 Steps for a Perfect Presentation in PowerPoint

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If you are giving a presentation, you need to do more than just prepare a speech. You need something else for your audience to engage with to make sure they take in the information you are talking about. One way is to create a PowerPoint presentation.

If you have never created one before, you may be wondering how to do a PowerPoint. Well, you are in the right place. We are going to show you how to do a PowerPoint presentation step by step. Let's get started!

7 Steps for a Perfect Presentation in PowerPoint

Start with Research

Of course, it is important that your PowerPoint looks good and is eye-catching. But the real essential ingredient to a successful presentation is your research. First of all, start by doing all of your research. This is going to be the foundation that you use to create your PowerPoint. The content you put on it matters more than anything else and this is how your audience is going to judge you. So, before you even begin with the design, finish all of your research and know what you want to say.

Create Your Slides

Create Your Slides in PowerPoint

Next on the list is to create your slides. Choose how many you would like to include in your presentation. Then it is time to see what information you would like to include. Normally, you only want key information on your slides. For example, they can be facts that stand out or are important. You do not want to overload your slides with lots of information for your audience. This will be boring and they will lose interest quickly. The best way to avoid this is to make your slides with bullet points. This will encourage you to keep them short. In addition, include attention grabbing titles.

Prepare Your Speaker Notes

Prepare Your Speaker Notes

You need to talk to your audience through your presentation. This means creating speaker notes for your PowerPoint. So, instead of reading off the bullet points, you are going to talk through different information. If you are struggling to create a speech that differs from going through what is already on your slides, you may have to do some more research. An alternative is to pay someone to write an essay at Edubirdie. You may think, what is the benefit when I pay someone to do my essay? Well, it is a good way to gain a different perspective on a topic. This way, you can include some of this information in your speaker notes. Just make sure to check out Edubirdie price to make sure it is within your budget.

Select a Layout

Select a Layout in PowerPoint

Now that you have your content ready and you have blank slides, it is time to choose the layout. There are pre-set templates that you can use for this step on how to make a PowerPoint. This will include text boxes and spaces for images. Choose the layout that you think will be easiest for your audience and that you like. Then you can start to insert your text into the slides. Of course, you can copy your speaker notes into the right section too.

Choose Legible Fonts

It is easy to get carried away when you are designing your slides. For example, there are lots of fancy fonts and styles you can choose. While it may seem boring, you really have to keep it simple. You want your audience to be able to read your slides from a distance. This means choosing a legible font. Stay away from fancy styles that are intricate. If in doubt, choose traditional serif fonts and bold lettering. You also want to stay away from pale or light fonts. These colours can be hard to see. If you are going to choose them, make sure that you pick a coloured background so that they stand out.

Add Images and Visuals

After a while, lots of bullet points can get boring for your audience. To grab their attention and make it more interesting, add some images. This could be photos or graphs, depending on what your presentation is about. But they are a good way to break it up and let your audience gain a better picture of what you are talking about. Of course, just make sure that it is related to your topic for maximum effect.

Practice with Your PowerPoint

Practice with Your PowerPoint

Before the big day, it is important to practice your presentation. You want to make sure you know what you are talking about and feel confident. But you also need to practice working with your PowerPoint you have created. This way, there will be no hesitations or pauses during the real thing. You will know how to confidently and quickly change slides to keep up with the pace of your presentation.

Time to Present

Now that you know all seven steps on how to make a PowerPoint, it is time to actually deliver your presentation. You can feel confident that your audience will enjoy your talk when you have a good background. They can listen to what you are saying and read the slides too. This should leave them with better knowledge of your chosen topic by the end of the day.

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