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How to add additional information to your presentation

The presentation should minimize the amount of information, but give a comprehensive representation of it. However, for the discussions you may need additional information that will bloat your presentation. Fortunately, there are other ways than adding those information to the slides.

How to organize your slides

When you create a presentation, it is difficult to develop a perfect plan of slides in the very beginning. On one side, the presentation shouldn't be too long and shouldn't contain a big number of slides. On other side, you can't be sure that any detailed information will be unnecessary. PowerPoint proposes some features to create flexible presentation where you can manage which part of your presentation will go next.

How to create speakers notes for the PowerPoint presentation

When you prepare the presentation, you add some hints, presentation plan or even full text of your speech into slides of the PowerPoint presentation. Later you will be able to use this notes during the presentation (see how to view your notes in the presentation mode.)

How to insert links, hyperlinks or mail links into the PowerPoint slide

When you give a presentation, sometimes you need to show other documents (PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or even some web-sites). Instead of searching those files on your computer, you can add hyperlink in the presentation to be more flexible and assured.

How to create a dynamic presentation

If you have a presentation with some charts and reports you never know how often you will need to update it. E.g., you create a quarter performance report and receive a new data every hour. In this case, instead of PowerPoint tables and charts it is better to embed Excel object. The information automatically updates after updates in the Excel table.

How to work with hidden sides

Sometimes you have no time to finish the slide or find at the last moment that it isn't important for this presentation. In this occasion, you can save you presentation to a different file, delete the slide and use the backup file later. However, you will not have there all notes, highlights and drawings that you will do during the presentation. Instead you can hide the slide and have all the information in one place.

How to create blots for numbering

When you create your own presentation, in some situations it should be funny or have some interesting visual accents. You can use different colors, backgrounds or pictures, etc., but you are still limited by standard elements. This tip shows how to use PowerPoint to create interesting visual objects for your presentation.

How to create spot shapes for numbering

It is usual to use numbering in your presentation (remember, that you can use just 3-5 points in one slide). There are many pre-defined variations and types of numbering lists you can use, and, for sure, there are unnumbered templates on the Internet. But, do you really want to be like anyone else? Why you don't try to create your own unique numbering style for your presentation?

Calendar project planning in PowerPoint

When you create a presentation of the project, task or innovation, it will be useful to show the project schedule calendar. You can create a Gantt chart, for example, in Excel and just add it to your PowerPoint presentation (see How to create a perfect Gantt chart).

How to create a multi-week calendar

For some presentation slides you might need a calendar as a background picture. For example, when you want to present some events or process for the next few weeks. Sure, there are a lot of existing templates that you can use, but it is easy to create your own calendar from scratch.