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While designing a presentation for one of my projects, I realized that preparing a presentation and preparing an effective and convincing presentation - both are two different endeavors. With so many tools available off-the-shelf, anybody can easily craft a presentation.

But, you need to go the extra mile and devote much time and effort to designing a truly winning presentation that holds the audience’s attention at the very first sight. Not all presenters have got the knack for it, and I am one of them!

SketchBubble Review

I did lots of research to get the best pre-designed template for my mission-critical PowerPoint presentation. During my hunt, I came across SketchBubble - an online platform providing gripping pre-designed templates to the presenters from all domains across the globe. And after browsing through its outstanding products and pricing plan, I was completely mesmerized and immediately put a stop to my search.

In this blog post, I have provided a detailed review of SketchBubble and my experience using its templates. If you are also looking for professional PowerPoint PPTs for your upcoming presentations, this review will be quite helpful. Read on!

SketchBubble - A Quick Introduction

SketchBubble is one of the fastest growing online presentation design firms that strives to help you embrace the new normal of presenting virtually and keep you at the forefront of competition. The clutter-free, creative, and trendy presentation templates offered by SketchBubble feature the right blend of captivating visuals and well-researched content that gives you readiness and unflinching confidence to deliver presentations in webinars, seminars, office meetings, workshops, or other events.

SketchBubble’s commitment towards quality and excellence is clearly evident in its products, and that’s what made me count on it wholeheartedly (and I believe this is the foremost reason why it has gained the trust of all sizes of businesses - from startups to Fortune 500 - in a very short span). Each slide is designed with a professional flair taking into account the audience’s interests and knowledge level so that you can instantly foster deep emotional and logical connections with them.

What SketchBubble Offers to You to Fulfill Your Presentations’ Needs?

SketchBubble boasts the largest collection of Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides templates. It has more than 1,50,00 entirely editable slides covering all crucial topics related to business, project management, finance, education, human resource, etc., that you would want to present. SketchBubble adds 10-15 new templates to its collection every week to provide you maximum choices to choose from.

Here I am describing a few products that I personally used in my business presentations to structure the information in a well-organized manner.

  • Roadmaps

    If you want to represent the blueprint of your business plans and the strategies to achieve the short-term and long-term goals, Roadmap PowerPoint templates can help you put forward your message in a visually appealing manner. SketchBubble has a well-curated collection of roadmaps PPTs, including project roadmap, product roadmap, growth roadmap, organizational roadmap, startup roadmap, success roadmap, cloud roadmap, etc. The amazing designs will spellbind the audience and keep them engrossed till the last slide of your slideshow.

  • Human Resource

    Talent acquisitions managers and HR executives can leverage decks related to work ethics, performance improvement plan, HR process flow, intrinsic motivation, employment law, agile HR, recruitment and selection, hybrid workplace environment, etc., to explain complex topics with ease of comprehension. The stunning visuals in beautiful color combinations will empower your content, making the overall presentation more meaningful and engaging for the audience.

  • Marketing

    Presentations are a great way to demonstrate your marketing plans, strategies, and practices to your team members and explain to them the ways to persuade customers to buy your services or products. SketchBubble helps unburden the marketing heads and managers by providing them a range of decks to choose from - competitive intelligence, expansion strategy, promotion mix, buying behavior, digital marketing metrics, brand evaluation, inbound marketing, etc.

  • Timelines

    Timelines PowerPoint templates are the best pick for project managers, team leads, and senior executives to depict action plans and timeframes for each key deliverable, milestone, and task. Whether you need to present project milestones, process timeline, weekly/monthly/annual plans, phased timeline, sequential timeline, career timeline, you will find SketchBubble’s creative templates well-suited for your purpose.

  • Icons

    SketchBubble’s library comprises multipurpose, self-explanatory PowerPoint icons of risk management, advertising, product strategy, climate change, safety, culture, roles and responsibilities, etc. Professionals from different backgrounds can use these vector-based icons to add a visual punch to their monotonous textual information, make interpretation easy, and take their presentations to the next level.

  • Puzzle Diagrams

    Puzzle Diagrams PPTs are of great help to add more value to your existing or upcoming presentations related to idea generation, decision-making, and problem-solving. You can also use these graphics to showcase gaps between expected and actual results, interdependencies of processes, interconnection of tasks, etc. You will get decks of circle puzzles, arrow puzzles, puzzle charts, SWOT puzzles, idea puzzles, puzzle pie charts, question mark puzzles, and a lot more in SketchBubble’s store.

  • Organizational Charts

    The Organizational Charts PowerPoint templates help you provide an impeccable visualization of your company’s structure to clients, employees, vendors, partners, and other stakeholders. Furthermore, you can leverage these feature-rich decks to illustrate the different types of organizational structures, the chain of authority, communication flow, and the span of control of managers. Using these charts, you can represent more data in a very concise manner, leaving a positive impression on the audience’s minds.

  • Infographics

    You can improve cognition and make information retention quick for the audience by incorporating Infographics PowerPoint templates in your business, marketing, and educational presentations. SketchBubble has a vast collection of infographics, including award infographic, pole infographic, way to success infographic, pie chart infographic, bulb infographic, infographic matrix, etc.

Pricing Plans with Guaranteed Value for Money

SketchBubble Pricing Plans

The second thing that positively influenced my decision to go for SketchBubble’s decks was transparent pricing plans. Easy cancellation, no hidden fees, 10 days money-back guarantee, and a clearly stated refund policy made me feel protected and assured value for money.

SketchBubble provides three pricing plans - monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Monthly Plan - This plan is the best for those who need to present occasionally, for example, entry-level business professionals, students, etc. You will have to shell out $49.95 for the monthly plan. This plan allows you to download 20 templates and slides per month.

Quarterly Plan - You can go for this plan if your profession requires you to present 4-5 times a month. For $99.95/quarter, you get 20 downloads per day.

Annual Plan - This plan is the best bet for executive-level professionals and senior leaders of the organization who have to present every other day. This plan costs you $199.95/year and gives you unlimited downloads.

You get easy access to download templates instantly after you purchase the plan. And after downloading once, you can use the templates for a lifetime.

Since I have to present frequently, I chose the annual plan. The 60% savings that I got after purchasing this plan made me more than happy!

Why Choose SketchBubble Templates?

There is not a single good reason that prompted me to choose SketchBubble as my presentation partner; there are many! I have listed a few below:

  • Saved My Hours of Manual Work

    As I am working as a senior executive, I remain occupied by loads of tasks and get little to no time to craft presentations from scratch. And honestly speaking, I am not at all good at designing. SketchBubble reduced my load to a great extent and saved my time to look into priority tasks by providing pre-designed templates with meticulously researched content. So, if time-saving is what matters to you the most, SketchBubble will definitely meet your expectations.

  • Super Easy and 100% Customization

    Editing the slides had never been that easy for me before I chose SketchBubble’s decks. All the layout lets you change the color and size of the graphics, move the visual objects anywhere on the slides, and add your own content in the desired format in the text placeholders. You can make customizations even if you don’t possess designing or editing prowess.

  • Superb Quality

    Generally, when you resize the graphics for presenting on large screens or do multiple edits to make the slides fit in your presentations, the quality gets impacted badly. But this is not the case with SketchBubble’s templates. The high-resolution visuals make the information readable even for those audience members sitting far from the normal viewing distance. You can present on all screen sizes without a fuss.

  • Round-the-Clock Customer Support

    SketchBubble has a dedicated team of customer support executives available 24*7 at your service. They provide you with quick resolution to your queries to make your overall presentation experience delightful.

What Customers Have to Say About SketchBubble?

About SketchBubble

After going through the brilliant gallery of templates and pricing plans, I made up my mind to purchase SketchBubble’s templates. However, just to add more weight to my decision, I thought to check what other customers have to say about it. The reviews impressed me to such an extent that I quickly hit the ‘Sign Up’ button on the annual plan.

For your information, SketchBubble’s templates are used by customers from more than 50 countries. The trust bestowed by these customers made it easy for SketchBubble to traverse the journey of 50 PowerPoint templates on its inception (in 2014) to 20,000 PowerPoint templates with 2,00,000+ slides (with animated version) to date. Truly commendable!

The Final Verdict

Well, my experience with SketchBubble’s templates was truly amazing. I found SketchBubble excellent in all aspects except one - it does not offer any free trial period or free plan. However, it was not a major drawback to consider for me after going through the power-packed and compelling products and other features offered by SketchBubble.

I strongly recommend SketchBubble’s templates for those professionals who want a perfect balance of content, creativity, modernity, and professionalism in their presentations. Give it a try, and you won’t feel disappointed!

I have summed up my experience in the below table:

Parameter Poor Average Good Excellent
100% Customizable
Customer Support
Compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides
Pricing Plan
(No free trial period or free plan)
Value for Money
Free from Copyright Issues
Visual Engagement

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