10 Best Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for 2021

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A modern superpower has three components: it saves you time, it enhances your work, and it makes you more money.

PowerPoint Templates fulfill all three of those requirements. Templates help you 1) Make a PowerPoint in half the time it would take you creating one from scratch 2) Make professionally designed slides without designing them yourself or hiring a designer 3) Close more clients, get better grades, impress your bosses, close that investor pitch, etc.

Simple Slides is the largest online library of presentation templates online with over 10,000 slides, templates, infographics and icons that transform you into a PowerPoint pro—even if you’re not one. In this article, we dive into the 10 best template categories for you to explore. Check out the Simple Slides product here after you’re done reading!

    1)    Business

Business Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for 2021

We can’t have a PowerPoint template list without first mentioning the most obvious use of PowerPoint: business. Businesses all over the world rely on PowerPoint to relay their message to clients, employees, and executives.

Included in the business template pack are easy to edit slides and infographics for charts, graphics, maps, arrows, icons and more. These infographics exhibit market size, sales numbers, demographics, target market and trends.

In business especially, you don’t want a distracting presentation. You want to draw the audience’s attention to yourself and have your PowerPoint as a complimentary sidekick that supports your talking points. Whether you’re pitching the CEO, CMO or an enterprise client, clarity is key. Professionally designed templates and slides go a long way in making your message stick.

    2)    Consulting

Consulting Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for 2021

Perhaps no profession knows the power of presentations better than consultants. Secondary to helping companies become more efficient, strategic and balanced, the core of their business is communication—both with clients and perspective clients.

Consultants from top firms like McKinsey, Accenture and Deloitte make hundreds of PowerPoint presentations a year. Giving feedback to a company can be a sensitive issue, especially if dealing with the founder, so a presentation demands digestible nuggets of information and recommendations that land with the company.

Template packs include hundreds of icons related to technology, the cloud, software, e-commerce as well as easy to read and color-coordinated slides. For consultants that spend many hundreds of hours a year designing PowerPoints, templates can be the superpower that streamline client work and eliminate the need for a designer.

    3)    Medicine

Medicine Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for 2021

The field of medicine is constantly evolving. New best practices, cures, procedures, prescriptions and information is used to better serve patients. With all that comes from so many years of schooling, educating future doctors, nurses and other medical professionals is a crucial ingredient to improving the healthcare system.

An effective PowerPoint presentation has the ability to help our healthcare heroes retain information, information that may be vital at some point in their career and be the difference between someone living and—okay, we won’t get that morbid but you get the idea.

Medicine packs include icons and infographics related to anatomy, medicine, hospitals, diseases, coronavirus, drugs, and healing.

    4)    Agriculture

Agriculture Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for 2021

From the outside, it may not seem like technology and agriculture go together. That myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Farming heavily uses technology to increase productivity and efficiencies. As people seek more organic and healthy alternatives, those invested in agriculture are continually presenting their efforts and discoveries.

Agriculture templates include icons and infographics for farming, technology, agriculture, organic, healthy, corn, rice and more.

    5)    Biotech

Biotech Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for 2021

One of the fastest growing industries in the world is biotech. Some of the smartest people in the world, at the intersection of biology and technology, are constantly seeking ways to elevate the human race above sickness, disease, lack of drinking water, birth defects and more. In a world that is constantly innovating, presenting new findings and studies is key to advancing the state of biotech.

Biotech templates include icons and infographics related to biology, chemistry, physics, disease, hardware, devices and more.

    6)    Real Estate

Real Estate templates are booming. Many real estate activities--home buying and selling, property management, proptech and commercial—involve a deal. And all deals require a presentation at some point. Included are house, mortgage, payment and renting icons that make for conveying a point without more words.

    7)    Jeopardy

It’s one of the longest running game shows in the history of television for a reason. Jeopardy inspires competition around knowledge, ‘gamifying’ learning and answering questions. For this reason, it’s hugely popular with teachers and educators. Jeopardy PowerPoint templates are tedious to create because of the linking and logic needed to associate dollar amounts with question and answer slides. A fully customizable template takes the time commitment out of designing the PowerPoint and into the content which just needs to be populated.

    8)    Bitmoji Classrooms

Bitmoji Classrooms Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for 2021

Technology is already moving at a fast pace, but the pandemic of 2020 accelerated the speed of which we adopt technology by a power of 10. Nearly every institution shut down to some degree and was forced to make changes on the fly. Few industries were as affected as education. Learning in classrooms was no longer possible due to coronavirus as teachers traded in a whiteboard with a virtual whiteboard. This inspired a new way to connect with students — bitmoji classrooms.

These virtual classrooms helped students visualize their day in a way that was more engaging than a word document or any alternative.

Like actual classrooms, virtual classrooms contain a whiteboard, desk, fun decorations and a teacher in bitmoji form. Simple Slides has over 100 bitmoji classroom templates with different backgrounds fit for all studies—geography, math, science, history, language arts and more. By using a different template everyday, you find one more way to keep students on their feet and engaged… even if it’s from home. That leads us to another use case that is at the foundation of this innovation.

    9)    Technology

We take our phones everywhere. We have laptops, tablets, apps, widgets and the like that are used on an hourly basis; to help us be more productive at work, design beautiful products, create marketing campaigns and make a legible difference in how we live. It all stems from technology. As our economy shifts to one largely reliant on technology, there’s few presentations that won’t include a reference to devices powered by electricity, battery and microchips.

A technology PowerPoint template includes cleanly designed presentations that are easy to edit as well as icons and infographics related to hardware, software, machine learning, algorithms, mobile, web, apps, e-mail, text message, phone calls and more.

    10)    Pitch Decks

There’s one thing every startup, no matter the size, has in common: they all have a pitch deck. Fundraising for a startup is notoriously difficult. It’s a trail laced with rejection and soft no’s as investors are wired to say no to 99% of pitches they see. Even they have a limited amount of money to allocate.

Startups are competing with themselves to be the best they can possibly be, of course, but they’re also competing with other startups who want the same investment dollars.

A clean and concise presentation goes a long way in showing investors you know what’s most important to the business. They will also see you have what it takes to pitch a client if you’re able to tap into what makes your company and different and capable of solving their problem.

Your pitch deck is a living document, something that will evolve over time. Whether your pitching at a Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B or further than that, your pitch deck will be growing as your company does.

Having the right components ensures you have the best possible chance of raising funds and getting your startup that much closer to glory.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask OfficeToolTips team.

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