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Microsoft Windows OS remains the most used desktop OS by a mile with over 70% of the share market. With such a high amount of users, it is not surprising that the OS’s free personal email service – MS Outlook – is used by hundreds of millions of people, a majority of these being business organizations and companies.
Stellar Converter for OST

When using Outlook, you always need to work with the platform's data files one of which is the OST files. OST files contain your mailbox data including messages, attachments, calendars, and others; they are offline data files. For one cause or the other, your saved OST files might develop errors that need fixing. When this is not done properly, you could lose all the important data that such a file contains. Using reliable OST data software systems is necessary to avoid such. Stellar Converter for OST is one such software and this review will help you understand how the software works.

What Is Stellar Converter For OST?

Stellar Converter for OST is one of the Stellar Data Recovery Software tools and as the product description states this tool is for OST file conversion. It provides a solution for converting OST to PST format and other file formats.

In addition, Stellar Converter for OST has functional features to help convert OST files in such a way that the file content is not affected. It is a tool recommended by top administrators for its high precision rate. Also, it is highly rated on top software review platforms with 5-star ratings on Techgenix, Spiceworks to name a few.

Benefits of Using Stellar Converter for OST

The Stellar Converter for OST can be beneficial in several cases such as:

  • Data Extraction

Sometimes, OST files get corrupted or develop errors that make them inaccessible. In such a situation, the Stellar Converter for OST can come in handy as it is an ideal OST data extraction tool. No matter the cause of the file corruption or error, you can get back the data it contains including messages, contacts, documents, and more. This can be done by simply converting the OST file to PST before extracting.

  • Email Migration

With Stellar Converter for OST, you enjoy the benefit of being able to migrate email platforms seamlessly. Most outlook users lose their OST file data when migrating email services due to the absence of a PST file backup of the data online. Stellar Converter for OST lets you convert your offline OST files to PST files from which you can then extract the file data and then import it on your new email box.

  • PC Migration

As it is with switching mailboxes, there might be a need to switch PCs entirely. Similarly, it will be difficult transferring OST data from one computer to the other; aside from the fact that they cannot be directly imported, the file size can be too large making the transfer a hassle. By converting the OST to PST file, you can easily transfer it to your new PC and import. If the file size is too large, the software handles file splitting and compression to reduce the size.

  • Outlook File Import and Export

Outlook does feature a traditional import and export tool. When you are dealing with inaccessible OST files with errors and other complications, this traditional import and export tool becomes less reliable. In addition, the tool won’t work if an Exchange account is absent. With Stellar Converter for OST you can extract data from inaccessible OST data files for import/export by converting them to PST data files.

Features of the Stellar Converter for OST

  • Multiple Output Formats

Stellar Converter for OST converts OST file to multiple file formats. This includes OST, MBOX, PDF, MSG, DBX EML, RTF, and HTML file formats. You can also save the converted file as Live Exchange Server and Office 365 files.

  • Bulk Conversion

You do not need to perform individual file conversion if you have multiple OST files to convert. The software lets you convert OST files in bulk to save time.

  • Encrypted Files Conversion

Stellar Converter for OST can convert an OST data file even if it is encrypted with a password or other algorithms.

  • Deleted Data Recovery

You can use Stellar Converter for OST to recover deleted items in your OST data files. The items are recovered once a file conversion is made and you can preview them before saving.

  • Email Finding

The software has an email finding tool for quick search and finding of emails.

  • Resume Function

As you convert your files, you can save the process to resume later if you have some other thing to attend to.

  • File Splitting and Compressing

Stellar Converter for OST lets you split and compress the new PST files being created.

  • Saving

With this software, you can save your email contacts and export them as a CSV file. Also, you can quick-save from previews by right-clicking.

Stellar Converter for OST Pricing

Stellar Converter for OST

Stellar Converter for OST features 3 payment plans, which include;

  • Corporate Plan

      $79 for 1 year license

  • Technician Plan

      $149 for 1 year license

      $249 for lifetime license

  • Toolkit Plan

      $199 for 1 year license

      $299 for lifetime license

All payment plans are covered with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Stellar Converter for OST Compatibility

Your computer needs to meet the below requires to be able to run the Stellar Converter for OST software:

  • Processor - Pentium Class
  • Operating System - Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • RAM - 4 GB recommended but minimum of 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Space - Minimum of 250 MB free space

Stellar Converter for OST will work with MS Outlook 2019 and lower versions. Also, it supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Stellar Converter for OST Support

All payment plans come with 24 hours of technical support which is available only on working days. You can contact the support team via phone or email with a contact form. There is an installation guide, user manual, FAQ page, Knowledge Base, Blog, Case Studies, Videos, and many more resources to keep you informed on using the software.

Bottom Line

There’s so much to benefit from using a software such as the Stellar Converter for OST. With such software and its rich features, you can say goodbye to all your Outlook OST file problems.

Though developed primarily for OST file conversion, the software is also functional in file splitting, extraction, import, and export. What more, it works with all Outlook versions and recent Microsoft Windows operating systems.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask OfficeToolTips team.

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