How to convert OST files to PST

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Users of Microsoft email services are well acquainted with the OST format, which is used to store data in encrypted form. Converting OST files allows you to get rid of format restrictions, after which mailings will become available to the user for offline work in Outlook.
Converting OST file to PST

Conversion is needed in case of loss of the password from the mail service, during virus infection, or in case of damage to OST files. In addition, it is a saving measure that allows you to restore mailings after they are deleted from the server. Conversion will allow you to access the information stored in the files.

There is only one problem. The mentioned Microsoft products do not allow converting OST files to PST; for this, you need to use third-party resources. Fortunately, there are two easy to use options:

  • Offline OST to PST file converter app
  • Popular online OST to PST conversion service

Online OST to PST Service

The Online OST to PST Service allows you to convert OST files uploaded to the site into the PST format. The service is quite simple, and its operation does not depend on the performance of your PC since the conversion takes place on a remote server. With it, you can instantly convert files, just follow six simple steps:

   1.   Click on the selected file on the disk.
   2.   Enter your email address.
   3.   Enter verification code.
   4.   Click the "Next" button.
   5.   Make payment.
   6.   Download the finished PST file to your hard disk.

Online OST to PST service

The service works with various types of devices and all popular operating systems. The only thing to consider is that this method does not work for OST files that are larger than 4GB in size.

Offline OST to PST file converter

The Offline OST to PST file converter app is used to convert data to the common .PST format. System requirements are quite simple, but the utility requires MS Outlook Windows installed, other versions of Outlook (Outlook Office365, Outlook for Mac) are not suitable for it.

Offline OST to PST file converter
  • No internet connection required
  • Able to recover deleted objects
  • Supports work with several formats (TXT / PST / EML) for data export
  • Converts even damaged OST files
  • Allows you to select folders for exporting files
Converting OST file to PST

The way to convert OST -> PST is up to you to choose. Both options are quite simple. To use them, you do not need to learn programming languages or purchase expensive software. An online service is much more convenient. But if you convert OST files regularly or if their size exceeds 4GB, it is better to install Offline OST to PST file converter.

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