How to Use Marketing Automation Tools to Improve Your Campaign?

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Technology made marketing different. Now, marketers can automate the critical processes and improve their email campaigns. Read this post for more details.
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Do companies and small startups depend on marketing efforts today? Yes, dependence is significant, especially from digital marketing. The apparent reason is the number of new firms appearing every day. Competition, sales, and the necessity to show the unique value to the customers push firms to do it.

Besides, nowadays, a compelling share of all purchases takes place online. The Internet grants entertainment, convenience and relevance to its users. To be on the same plane, the best marketing teams develop encouraging email campaigns and deliver the message at the right time.

How do they manage to accomplish? Marketing automation systems! They are a necessity if a brand wants to earn in the current economy. This post is about marketing tools’ use, application, and benefits for a small company and its email campaigns.

Marketing Automation Application: Choosing an Area for Improvement

The campaign improvement lies in the definition of the question and applying the right instrument to it. Small firms utilize marketing tools for different purposes. However, the common ones refer to dealing with challenges and optimizing the processes across channels.

The latter is about handling repetitive actions for the sake of saving efforts and costs. Thus, before adopting the marketing automation platforms, a marketer should identify the tasks and problems.

Overall, the issues refer to deliverability, visibility, engagement rates of the messages, while the tasks are likely to be about personalization, reporting and organization of contacts and reporting. Each of them can be improved by a specific tool or functions within universal automation platforms. Still, a person needs to know what to tackle.


Marketing automation technologies are widely used in email campaigns. However, many marketing specialists fail to adopt them. Deliverability, for instance, is vital for any email campaign, while many still do not manage their contacts right. If you see that emails you send have no response, the reason may be invalid emails or imperfect email lists.

In this regard, many universal email solutions give marketers statistics on deliverability. However, it will not solve an issue.

That’s why a specific tool for verification of emails may be needed. Some email finders or extractors check the email within the existing databases and show their status. You can check such an online email validator here.

At the same time, if you see that the emails are verified, then you can review the content and personalization.

Personalization and content

Marketing automation systems can give a significant advantage in terms of content customization and template designation. In particular, some marketing campaign automation tools, similar to Mailchimp, offer drag-and-drop functions to create an email template. Its use can save efforts, especially if people are not savvy in HTML.

At the same time, there is the automated insertion of personalized parts into the subject lines or contents of the email. Different enterprises underline that when you call people by their name, it advances the opening and engagement rates. Imagine inserting a name into each email, and the time it would take.

Thus, the automation application can lead to higher engagement rates and save time. You will need a file with your contacts or just a separate list within CRM of the same automation instrument to use it properly. Nowadays, many people utilize it, and it is simply the way to keep up with the best practices.

Also, another activity that can contribute to the campaign is a follow-up sequence upon registration or interrupted purchase. The email with greetings or a reminder with the goods in the abandoned cart are to increase the engagement and result in purchases. It was the case with Capterra.

In the end, it enhances your campaign by personalizing the customer experience and scaling up your campaign.

Reporting and organization

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Lastly, using marketing automation tools to gather data and organize contacts may improve the efficiency of your campaign. Before all, the data defines all. There are open and engagement rates related to email marketing, while in terms of the strategy, there are conversion rates. The automation helps to track them.

Simultaneously, it may be a good idea to gather all your contacts under one CRM to make groups for better targeting or experimenting. Besides, most marketing automation systems have integrations. Thus, you can have numerous tools and transmit data from one marketing application to another.

However, some of the tools combine both CRM and reporting functions. For example, an one-in-all marketing automation platform, like Hotspot, can do this. It is convenient for lead scoring, a technique to nurture leads and accompany customers during the purchase journey.

As a result, marketers can use universal marketing options with advanced features or pick simple instruments to target a specific issue or activity. Everything depends on the goal and the strategy.

Bottom Line

The business campaign is not an easy task to do. It requires consideration of different elements and issues. However, there is always a way to improve it. In this regard, using automation tools can promote your campaign if applied adequately. The marketer should define the problem or a repetitive task and pick the related automation.

Many options are depending on the work and goal. As this post shows, there are ways to enhance the deliverability of messages, add to personalization and content, and benefit from data gathering or contact organization.

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