How to restore (put back) a Calendar event from Trash in Outlook

  • Outlook
  • 2016
When you did a wrong operation in Microsoft Office, you can use UnDo to cancel previous operation and revert some of previous actions. Unfortunately, there are operations that can’t be reverted simply. This tip is about how to restore a Calendar event that was deleted by mistake.

For example, if you deleted a meeting from your Calendar, you can’t simply UnDo this action. To restore that event, do the following:

    1.    Find the deleted meeting in the Trash folder, for example:

Meeting in the Trash Outlook 2016

    2.    Do one of the following:

  • Open this deleted meeting and in the Meeting dialog box, on the Meeting tab, in the Respond group, and then:
    • If you have been accepted these meeting, select the Accept drop-down list and click Do not Send a Response:
      Do not Send a Response in Outlook 2016
    • If you didn’t answer for this meeting yet, answer like you want.
  • Right-click on this meeting and select Move -> Calendar in the popup menu:
    Move -> Calendar in the popup menu Outlook 2016
  • Right-click on this meeting and select Move -> Other Folder... and then in the Move Items dialog box, select Calendar:
    Move -> Other Folder in the popup menu Outlook 2016

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