Add and remove columns in Outlook

Outlook 365 2016 2010 2007
By default, Outlook displays only a small subset of the available fields for messages. You can add columns for other fields, such as CC or Sensitivity, to show additional information.

To add and remove columns, follow these steps:

   1.   Open the folder that you want to modify in either Single or Preview view, right-click the column header bar, and choose Field Chooser in the popup menu:

Column header bar popup Outlook 2013

   2.   In the Field Chooser dialog box, find the name of the field you want to add, and then drag the field from the Field Chooser dialog box to the desired location on the column header bar. Outlook 2013 displays a red arrow at the top of the column header bar to indicate where the column will be inserted:

Add columns using Field Chooser in Outlook 2013

   3.   Add other fields as necessary.

   4.   To remove a field, drag the field from the column header bar:

Remove columns using Field Chooser in Outlook 2013

   5.   Close the Field Chooser dialog box.


  • You can choose other types of fields by selecting a type from the drop-down list at the top of the Field Chooser dialog box:
    Field Chooser list-box in Outlook 2013
  • You can also use this dialog box to create custom fields. To do this, click the New... button, then in the New Column dialog box, enter the name and choose type and format of your own field:
    New column in Field Chooser Outlook 2013

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