Most commonly used shortcut keys in E-mail

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Outlook proposes next shortcut keys for easy and quick work with e-mails:

Shortcuts for a new message:

Ctrl+O - Open a message (or Enter)

Ctrl+N - Create a new message (in the Mail view)

Ctrl+Shift+M - Create a new message from anywhere in Outlook

Navigation shortcut keys:

Ctrl+Shift+I - Switch to Inbox

Ctrl+Shift+O - Switch to Outbox

Ctrl+Shift+B - Open address book

Ctrl+Y - Open a folder list

Ctrl+. (period) - Read next message (with a message open)

Ctrl+, (comma) - Read previous message (with a message open)

F6 - Read previous message (with a message open)

Shortcut keys for changing messages:

Ctrl+D - Delete an open item

Ctrl+Q - Mark as read

Ctrl+U - Mark as unread

F4 - Find or replace (with a message open)

Shift+F4 - Find next (with a message open)

Ctrl+P - Print

Ctrl+Alt+M - Mark for download

Ctrl+Alt+U - Clear Mark for Download

Ctrl+Alt+J - Mark as not junk mail

Insert - Toggle follow-up flag


F9 - Check for new mail

Ctrl+B - Display send/receive progress

Alt+S - Send mail

Ctrl+R - Reply to the selected message

Ctrl+Shift+R - Reply all

Ctrl+F - Forward the selected mail

Ctrl+Alt+F - Forward as attachment

See also this tip in French: Les plus utilisées raccourcis claviers pour les courriels.

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