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Outlook uses two features to resolve and complete names entered into email messages: AutoComplete and Autoresolution.

Autoresolution is the process of taking a full name and looking in your Contacts folder or other address book to see if a match could be found for the name (in the Message tab, in the Names group, click the button Check Names).

Check Names in Outlook 2007

If so, the name was resolved. If not, the name was marked as unresolved, and you could either choose one of a list of matching addresses or create a new address.

With AutoComplete, if you've composed an email to someone or replied to an email he sent you, his email address is stored in a file on your computer with the extension of .nk2. After you've sent him an email or replied to one of his emails, the next time you choose to send him an email, you have to type in only the first letter or letters of his email address, and Outlook completes the rest of the address for you. This works great if none of your recipients have similar email addresses, but the minute you send an email to [email protected] and another email to [email protected], you'll quickly notice that you have a choice, when using AutoComplete, to type in an email address. As you type the first letter of the email address, S, Outlook displays a pop-up box enabling you to choose the address you want.


If you send many messages a day to [email protected] and only an occasional message to [email protected], you'll like Outlook's newest AutoComplete feature. Outlook places the addresses you use most often at the top of the AutoComplete suggestion list.

You can remove an address from the AutoComplete list by using the arrow keys to select it and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.

You can turn AutoComplete on or off to suit your needs by following these steps:

   1.   Choose Tools -> Options..., choose the Preferences tab and click E-Mail Options...:

Options in Outlook 2007

   2.   Click Advanced E-Mail Options....

E-mail Options in Outlook 2007

   3.   Select or deselect the Suggest Names While Completing To, Cc, And Bcc Fields option to turn AutoComplete on or off, respectively.

Advanced E-mail Options in Outlook 2007

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