How to use a Desktop Alert

The Desktop Alert is an alert window that pops up when a new e-mail arrives in the Outlook default Inbox.

It is also possible to customize the period of time, to a maximum of 30 seconds that the alert stays visible by following these instructions:

    1.    Select Tools -> Options....

    2.    In the Options dialog box choose the Preferences tab.

    3.    Click the E-mail Options... button.

Options in Outlook 2007

    4.    In the E-mail Options dialog box click the Advanced E-mail Options... button.

E-mail Options in Outlook 2007

    5.    Click the Desktop Alert Settings... button.

Advanced E-mail Options in Outlook 2007

    6.    When the Desktop Alert Settings dialog box appears, you'll see the various options that enable you to define both the duration and the transparency of the Desktop Alert.

Desktop Alert Settings in Outlook 2007

    7.    To test your changes, click the Preview button.

    8.    When finished, click the OK button to close the Desktop Alert Settings dialog box and other dialog boxes.

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