How to change the Stationery in Outlook

Outlook 365 2016 2013 2010 2003
If you like visually appealing message templates called stationaries, you may want to set up Outlook to always use a particular stationery for all new messages.

You can do so using the Mail Format options. Keep in mind that you can always change the stationery for individual messages.

   1.   Open the Tools menu and choose Options.

   2.   The Options dialog box opens. Click the Mail Format tab.

Options in Outlook 2007

   3.   Click the Stationery and Fonts... bottom.

   4.   In the Personal Stationary tab, click Theme... bottom to choose stationery:

Theme in Outlook 2007

   5.   Click OK.

   6.   When you create a new message, Outlook uses the stationery you selected.


New Message in Outlook 2007

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