How to personalize the new E-mail notification options

If you have Outlook configured to automatically check for new e-mails at predefined intervals, you will probably want to be notified when a new e-mail has arrived.

Outlook provides a number of options for notifying you when new e-mails arrive in your Inbox and to personalize these options follow these steps:

    1.    Select Tools -> Options... and choose the Preferences tab:

Options in Outlook 2003

    2.    Click the E-mail Options... button.

    3.    At the bottom of the Message Handling section, click the Advanced E-mail Options... button.

E-mail Options in Outlook 2003

    4.    Personalize your e-mail notification options by changing the options in the section entitled When new items arrive in my Inbox. This includes the capability to specify the following (by checking or unchecking their respective options):

Advanced E-mail Options in Outlook 2003

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