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Some may feel that no one cares about Microsoft's global expansion. On the contrary, everyone with pleasure "surrendered" to the megacorporation, which has trained billions of computer geniuses and beginners in simple, convenient, and almost always reliable IT products. No matter what some skeptics say about the instability of the programs or their imperfection, there is no better alternative yet. The Microsoft IT giant has left far behind its competitors, who have long been defeated by the most important criteria: price-quality-support-coverage.
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Effective Project Management Tool

One of the applications — Microsoft Project — is considered the generally accepted leader among the other tools created for project management. This product had helped to plan, analyze, and track the progress of various works. The most pleasant is that all is done in one application. For business, it's a magic wand that allows you to save much time, manage efficiently, and to keep abreast of realities. That is why it is scary to imagine what will happen if, suddenly, one single project is lost, which was stored in a file with the .mpp extension. It would be a real disaster. Is it possible to get off with a "slight shock" in this situation? Those who would use Recovery Toolbox for Project ( will have a chance. However, we will talk about this a bit later.

What to Do if Everything Has Already Happened?

So, what to do if a ready-made in Microsoft document decided not to open? The plan is simple. You need to start the corresponding application, then File - Open, find the problem file, click on the drop-down menu — the guide is an Open button — then select Open and Repair. Wait, wait, but there is no item in the "rescue" program.

Recovery Toolbox for Project - Open and Repair

Microsoft has carefully taken care of data security. For each product, there is a built-in mechanism provided with which you can repair almost any "broken" file. However, this is not very good news. It turns out that Microsoft Project, this sophisticated and extremely sensitive to data loss program, is not protected at all from such emergencies. There are no exceptions for even the latest versions.

The Difficulty of choosing a "savior."

What is the reason for such carelessness of Microsoft? Most likely, there are no built-in data recovery options for the simple reason that Project was not originally intended for general use. According to the developers, this IT product should have been used, in theory, by successful managers with good profits. It was assumed that in case of problems, people in business would not deal with the difficulties by themselves, they would call a qualified specialist for these purposes. This assumption is most likely the only adequate answer to the question, "WHY?" So, in this case, help from technical support is not worth it; no one can intelligently answer official forums either. What's left?

Drowning Men Save Themselves

If you need qualified help to repair a Microsoft Project file, you will need third-party intervention. Where can one find such a high-class specialist? You can google and find at least ten services that deal with such problems. However, several nuances which you should be considering.

Firstly, this service is not free; in some cases, it's costly. If they don't ask for money, ask yourself, "Why? Is there a catch?" Yes, for sure. It is possible that after the "free" services work, the content of the file will be brazenly stolen, and viruses will appear in it as an additional "bonus."

Secondly, seldom does anyone succeeded in getting back a fully restored file. It's not worth dreaming that in the processed document, it will be possible to see all the data before again. Most often, the customer receives a document in which there is no more than 10% is restored. You will have to pay regardless of the outcome.

An Effective Recovery Toolbox for Project

So, what to do? Say goodbye to the contents of the file forever? There is no need to get excited. Trust those who value their reputation and guarantee quality development. For example, Recovery Toolbox for Project. The program was developed specifically for the restoration of Microsoft Project ( There is both continuous and one-time support possible. For those who want to have the opportunity of unlimited use, a desktop solution is offered and costs $ 27.

Recovery Toolbox for Project

There is this online-service

Recovery Toolbox for Project online

Its functionality is almost identical, but with one significant advantage. The online service is compatible with any device, suitable for both Windows, Android, and macOS, iOS. To use its services, you need to:

  • Open a problem file (p.s. if a password was previously used to open it, the operation will fail).
  • Indicate your e-mail.
  • Introduce captcha.
  • Get the result.

The price of the issue is $ 10. This price is low, especially when you consider that the whole project was saved. Besides, you don't have to pay for a "pig in a poke." Before transferring money, you will see a detailed preview regarding all those tasks that the service managed to reanimate.

Recovery Toolbox for Project is, in fact, an ideal program for recovering Microsoft Project file data. Losses are minimal. The service has a drawback: it is often not possible to restore the tasks' names — this does not affect the performance of the project.

Maybe Try to Save Money?

Saving is a good thing, but not in the event of a Microsoft Project file breakdown. It is almost impossible to cope independently with the problem that has arisen. You can, if you want to, try to restore something on your own. For example, find hidden *.tmp files. If you rename them, change the extension to .mpp, then, quite possibly, after reopening the document will work. Failed? Check if Shadow copy is active — you can try your luck using this technology. If you are lucky, you will see a file in front of you as a result of its work until the moment of breakage. To do this, right-click on the desired file, click on "Properties," find the tab "Previous Versions." After such manipulations, something can still be saved.

Let me give you some advice. Always make backups, and you won't be afraid of any failure!


The Process of Recovering a Damaged Microsoft Project File

In the process of using Recovery Toolbox for Project, you need to follow simple instructions.

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   1.  Launch Recovery Toolbox for Project.
   2.  Select the problem file.
   3.  Click on the "Analyze" button.
   4.  Wait for the result.
   5.  Click on "Start Recovery."
   6.  Export data to Microsoft Project.
   7.  Save under a new name.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask OfficeToolTips team.