How to save an Access DB, corrupted due to all thumbs of your colleagues

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Do you know a more serious threat for information than all thumbs of users? I have not heard about it. Viruses, power supply issues, magnetic storms, it does not cost anything regarding what users can do with information. For example, with a Microsoft Access database, that can be accessed by many users in your company.
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I am not talking about an issue that can be fixed by a reference sysadmin John, a handyman: for example, check HDD, restore from backup, remove viruses and so on. I am referring to what you can do, if users remove DB records by mistake, it is much more complicated to deal with. In this case, even backup does not always help. In particular, you may have only one backup and it already contains deleted records (because the issue is detected today, but required data was removed last week). In this case you should better apply user access restrictions. What if you have too many such deleted records to enter them manually or, for example, it is not possible at all, because there is no any other copy of deleted records? Standard recovery options from Microsoft do not offer any solution for this issue. Fortunately, I have found another way out, it is Recovery Toolbox for Access.

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Why do you need it?

First of all, Recovery Toolbox for Access is developed for the analysis of corrupted databases. However, besides the recovery itself, this application has some particularities. It recovers data that was removed from the database and it does not refer to the database file problems, just incorrect user actions. Yes, it is possible. And no, I have not managed to find a way, how to do it using inbuilt options of Microsoft Access, just with Recovery Toolbox for Access. First of all, I’d like to notice that the software is paid and I am not sure you can find a free option. I have already spent too much time, trying to find a solution, I think I should stop doing it and keep on working.

How does it work?

In my case, the task was not complicated, the software itself can be installed on any computer, regardless its performance. Actually, with a higher hardware performance, it should (and will do) work faster, but it does not affect the efficiency of database processing. It does not matter, which exact version of Microsoft Access database you are going to use, Recovery Toolbox for Access opens anyone and recovers previously deleted records or the whole DB that was somehow damaged. To do this job, do the following:

   1.  Download the program using the link:
   2.  Click on the downloaded file and deploy the software.
   3.  Use the shortcut of Recovery Toolbox for Access to access the application, it is on the desktop.
   4.  Choose the following mode Recover only deleted objects.
   5.  Click Recover.

If you need to restore not only deleted objects, but the whole DB in Microsoft Access, choose another mode: Recover all objects.

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Do not worry about the software safety, even if the source DB contains valuable data that should interest competitors. These competitors do not have any chance to intercept the data, because all DB activities are done offline, Recovery Toolbox for Access does not use external connections that guarantees the absence of potential data leakages.

Any doubts? Open any traffic analyzer, for example tcpdump or wireshark and make sure there are no suspicious packets, going from the computer, having Recovery Toolbox for Access installed.

Or, there is a method for clunkers: simply unplug the LAN cable and keep on working, it does not affect the efficiency of DB processing.

After the end of job, the software rebuilds the DB so it can be used without limitations.

Online version, strictly for fearless guys

If you are a fearless user, try the online software version from here:

Besides everything else, you can save some money, because an one-time service costs cheaper than the full software license. It provides the same service: recovers Microsoft Access data and uses the same engine of data processing. Data is transmitted using a secured protocol and there is a minimal chance to intercept it, but anyway, it is still present, therefore it is up to you. No need to download anything, install, investigate how it works at all. You should simply do the following steps:

   1.  Open the webpage, sending you to the online service of Microsoft Access restore:
   2.  Choose a file of MS Access format to upload
   3.  Provide a correct e-mail
   4.  Provide a correct CAPTCHA
   5.  Use the Next button to continue
   6.  Pay for the service of data restoration
   7.  Download the recovered DB

Recovery Toolbox for Access - Restore

If you need the recovery of deleted records and MS Access DB objects, there is no any alternative for Recovery Toolbox for Access. Maybe, a backup may help in this case, but there are nuances. It should not be the lone and the freshest backup, it should be a specially sorted one, something like: in a folder with the actual date there is the latest copy and so on, i.e. backups are sorted by dates of creation. That’s in theory, but what’s about practice? Get removed events from the oldest backup and put them to the newest one, because there are a lot of changes so far? I don't envy you the boring task…

If it is you, you are lucky to find this article! Because now everything can be sorted with minimal losses of your time. But, if you have some, look for another, free solution, maybe you can have more luck with it.

In the same time, be careful. Some apps for unauthorized DB access, bypassing the engine of Microsoft Access can be dangerous. Maybe, it could restore deleted events, but would send the data to someone else. Therefore, I do not advise trying to save some money, moreover the amount is so small. Unlike unchecked scripts, found somewhere, Recovery Toolbox for Access provides all necessary guarantees of confidentiality. And, thanks to the ease of application, you should not waste your time, trying to understand how does it work, it works intuitively.

Finally, the efficiency of Recovery Toolbox for Access operation is easy to check. To do this task, it is not required buying the software. Feel free downloading its demo version and estimate, if it is possible to recover deleted DB records or fix file corruptions, so it opens normally. If you cannot somehow do it, you do not lose anything. Remember that even the best solution cannot provide the ironclad success guarantee.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask OfficeToolTips team.