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PassFab for Excel is the best excel password recovery online that lets you access any type of locked sheet. Microsoft Excel offers the read-only and password encryption feature that allows users for more secure data management. However, if you have a lot of data on Excel, there is a chance of you forgetting the set password for files, but don’t worry! In this article, we present you with the best software to unlock your Excel spreadsheet files.


In this article, you will find an easy and adequate solution for excel password recovery online. Microsoft Excel has a password-protected feature which on one side saves your file from getting altered and deleted; this lets them maintain the security of their data.

Often users go through the nightmare of unlocking these password-protected spreadsheets because they forget the passwords and are left with locked spreadsheet files that they cannot access. If you have faced a similar issue, read below to solve your problem with excel recovery online software.

About PassFab for Excel:

One of the most reliable and secure excel password removers is PassFab for Excel. It is the perfect tool to remove password from your excel files and modify it the way you want!

PassFab for Excel is multi-functional software that provides users advanced features to unlock their excel files with. It guarantees a quick unlock of Excel worksheet protection and workbook protection without damaging the data and keeping the process 100% secure.

What Can PassFab for Excel Unlocker Do?

PassFab for Excel uses innovative unlocking tools to remove or recover your excel password in no time!

Two key features PassFab offers are “Recover Excel Open Password” which operates on built-in search algorithms that quickly find the password to your locked files. The other feature is “Remove Excel Editing Restriction.” If you don’t want to use the password feature and unlock Excel files bypassing the password, you can do that with PassFab’s password removing tool.

In both cases, PassFab gives you an unlocked file successfully without harming your precious data and keeping it all intact. The software supports Excel versions latest to 2019 and .xls, .xlsx formatted files hence, you can recover any old or latest file using PassFab.

PassFab for Excel password remover is what you need to recover your excel data files no matter how protected it is. Just follow a few simple steps and get your unlocked excel files instantly.

Customer Reviews - Data from Trustpilot

We have served as the top online excel password remover and satisfied clients with our dedicated service. Here are some client reviews about our excel unlocker by the best review website, Trustpilot (https://www.trustpilot.com/review/passfab.com).

   1.   Recover Old Files

I had a very old Excel 4 file from 1992, and I needed the password recovered. Whilst I couldn’t recover the password myself using PassFab given the file was too old, I reached out to customer service, and they managed to recover it very quickly and provide it to me. Excellent service.

   2.   Customer Service

Thank you Pass Fab for your quick response and solve my problem by your software solutions.

Totally appreciate and highly recommend you.

   3.   Wonder to recover our Excels

We wanted to recover some old Excels from the beginning of our company, but we didn’t know the password, and the old accountant is no longer there. Passfab has helped a lot

   4.   PassFab for Excel!

Got me out of a real pickle this did, great product.

   5.   Wonderful Tool!

The password to a very important shared Excel file was accidentally changed, and no one could open the file. We downloaded PassFab, and it worked very quickly to access the file. We were able to fix the password and save the file. This is a wonderful tool to use if you cannot access an Excel file due to a password problem.

How PassFab Recovery for Excel Works?

Just as mentioned above, PassFab for Excel will help you unlock any Excel file by removing the password or recovering it for you. If you have read-only files that need to be accessed, it is better to remove the password once and for all.

The following steps guide you on how to unlock Excel files:

Recover Excel Password:

   1.   Download and launch the PassFab for Excel software.

   2.   You will find two options on the home interface. Click on “Recover Excel Open Password.”

how to recover password from excel file

   3.   Tap the “+” symbol to import the Excel File whose password you want to recover.

choose file from computer to recover password

   4.   Choose the attack type which determines how your password will recover. After you make the selection, click on Recover.

Choose recovery setting for your imported file

   5.   After the password recovers, a confirmation window appears. Click on Copy to copy the password and click on OK.

Copy password to unlock Excel file

Remove Excel Password:

   1.   Download and launch the PassFab for Excel software.

   2.   On the home interface, click on “Remove Excel Restriction Password.”

how to remove password from excel file

   3.   Click the “+” symbol to open the excel file you want to unlock and click on Remove.

Select file from computer to unclock

   4.   The software takes a few seconds to remove the password. Click on Open Folder to access the file and edit it.

Excel file available for editing


PassFab for Excel is cost-efficient software with a generous free trial so that you can test its features before buying it. Moreover, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and excellent free customer service.

Pricing starts from %15.95/monthly, $19.95/ yearly, and $39.95/lifetime.

With affordable packages, PassFab for Excel offers unlimited free updates and easy unlock of Excel files on the go.


This is an ultimate review and guide on the amazing software for Excel password recovery online. PassFab for Excel is an easy-to-use and quick solution to unlock password-protected Excel files that you are unable to edit. It contains two main unlocking features, i.e. password recovery and password removal. If you wish to keep the file locked, you can recover its password through PassFab for Excel and modify it whenever you want. You can also remove the password once and for all and save yourself from the trouble of forgetting passwords to these files again. With PassFab for Excel, your excel files are secure and accessible!

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