Format in Excel 2013 2010 2007 2003

How to view current stocks prices and other quotes in Excel

There are countless reasons why you might need to have stock prices in your Excel spreadsheet. In the past, you had to copy and paste from Yahoo Finance or another financial service, but at the moment, Microsoft offers a new way to add and update some stock information such as stock prices, changes of price, etc.

How to create an automatically extended or dynamic drop-down list

When you work with data in Excel, often you need to add more and more of new data. However, it takes some time to update formulas, charts, tables, when you add new data. Excel proposes functions that can help to customize your data and avoid routine updating. This tip is about creating an automatically extended (also known as dynamically updated or just dynamic) drop-down lists.

How to create a computable drop-down list

When you fill data in some spreadsheet, it can be necessary to show different drop-down lists that depend on some filled or calculated values.

How to create a dependent drop-down list

When you fill data in some spreadsheet, it can be necessary to create dependent drop-down lists. The organization of these drop-down lists can be different – they can be filled step-by-step from left to right in the same row (like in the example below), cascading or even computed (see How to create a computable drop-down list).

How to copy computed subtotals in Excel

When you compute subtotals in your spreadsheet, it can be necessary to select only subtotals and copy them to another sheet for future processing. If you select subtotals and copy them using copy-paste (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V), Excel paste all source data with subtotals. This tip demonstrates the workaround that allows you copy just rows with subtotals.

How to create an equilateral triangle, a regular square, and other regular polygons in Excel

For some charts or diagrams, you need to create a regular polygon – equiangular (all angles are equal) or equilateral (all sides have the same length). E.g., equilateral triangle, regular square, etc.

Change the default font and style for shapes in Excel

When you create a shape in your spreadsheet, it is created with the default style and any text that you type has the default font.

How to use Camera tool in Excel

When you work with some Excel elements such as tables, charts, you spend a lot of time on positioning them and formatting. Here will find the feature that Excel proposes to help you create a perfect presentation of your data.

How to delete all comments in the spreadsheet

When you create a presentation from your draft Excel spreadsheet, you might need to delete all comments. You can delete every comment one by one, but this will take some time. This tip shows the quick way how to delete all comments in your spreadsheet.

How to select a large data range in one click in Excel

Sometimes you need to select a large data range. This tip shows how to select rows, columns, rectangular or free form ranges in few clicks.