Four ways to improve your data presentation in Excel

Excel 365 2016
Using simple tricks, you can convert your Excel spreadsheet from a table with rows and columns to an interactive application that will help you to represent the date in a more appealing and convenient way.

   1.   Add a watermark text or a picture to the workbook with your company branding

Watermark in Excel 2013

See Adding watermarks to workbook for more details.

   2.   Add a background picture by choosing graphics file to serve as a wallpaper for a spreadsheet like the wallpaper that you usually see on your Windows desktop:

background in Excel 2013 spreadsheet

See Adding a background image to the spreadsheet for more details.

   3.   Use conditional formatting to highlight cells in the worksheet:

Example of Conditional Formatting Rule in Word 2013

See Applying Conditional Formatting for more details.

   4.   Use drop-down list to simplify entering a value from the predefined set like countries, states, types, etc.

Drop-down list in Excel 2013

See Creating a Drop-Down List in a Cell for more details.

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