Creating a chart with dynamic labels

Excel 365 2016
This tip shows how to create dynamically updated chart labels that depend on value or other cells.
The Chart with labels Excel 2013

The trick of this chart is to show data from specific cells in the chart labels. For example, if you have to show in one chart two different data bar:

  • To compare two different teams, you should create a chart using percent of task completing (in this example, cells C15:D15).
  • But it will be more informative to see the real volume for every team (in this example, cells C13:D13). Or the simple formulas:

    Team A: = CONCATENATE (IF ($C15>$D15, "Winner - ", "Looser - "), TEXT (C13, "#.#0"))

    Team B: = CONCATENATE (IF ($C15<$D15, "Winner - ", "Looser - "), TEXT (D13, "#.#0"))

Data for Chart with labels Excel 2013

For the existing chart, do the following:

   1.   Right-click on the data series and then in the popup menu select Add Data Label and again Add Data Label:

Add Data Label in Excel 2013

   2.   Do one of the following:

  • For all labels: on the Format Data Labels task pane, in the Label Options, in the Label Contains group, check Value From Cells and then choose cells:
    Value from Cells for Label in Excel 2013
  • For the specific label: double-click on the label value, in the popup menu select Choose Cell and then specify the value:
    Choose cell for Label in Excel 2013
The Chart with labels Excel 2013

Make any other adjustments to get the look you desire.

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