Saving changes to existing workbooks

Excel 365 2016 2013 2007 2003
Saving your document in the same location with the same name is easy.

Simply follow any of these procedures:

  • On the File tab, click Save or Save.
  • Click the Save Save  button on the Quick Access Toolbar (if this button was visible).

    How to add this button in the Quick Access Toolbar, see Adding commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Press Ctrl+S.
  • Press Shift+F12.
  • Press Alt+Shift+F2.

It is important to save a workbook periodically as you work.

   1.    On the File tab, click Options.

Excel 2010 Options

   2.    On the Save tab, under Save Documents, click the Save AutoRecover information every check box:

Save AutoRecover Excel 2010

In the Minutes box, use the arrows to select a time or type a time for how often Excel is to save your document.

   3.    Click OK to close the dialog box.

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